Google Image search drill down only works in private mode

  • When I do an image search in google, after the initial search is done and I have a window filled with small images, if I click on one of the images, it gives me a Error 404 - This does not happen in Private mode. In private mode it works fine. I have used it for a long time previously and it used to work as expected. I have reinstalled Opera and it made no difference.
    Any ideas?

  • Is this with Opera Turbo turned on? I'm asking because Turbo is not activated when in Private mode. Unless you're on a really slow connection it's not a good idea to have Turbo enabled in any case.

  • No. I have checked that and it works either way. If I use Google chrome it works fine and I thought that the Opera engine was the same as Google Chrome.
    Still having the issue after several months and upgrades to os Sierra and the Opera itself. I thought that it might be related to VPN but have uninstalled that software as well but to no effect. Right now when ever I am looking for an image, I just use a private window.

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