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  • I'm curious why skins are no longer available for Opera 20. I know "Themes" seem to have replaced skinning but the Themes do nothing for the top area of the browser/tool bar area. We are stuck with a drab light grey on dark grey color scheme when in the past there were many colorful skin packages available.

  • Not a priority item. Perhaps in time it will be addressed.

  • Not a priority but Themes are I guess. So many other items I am used to using with Opera are gone also. No home button, bookmarks are gone or at least the way to be to the them...and that bookmarks bar is terrible. It looks terrible out in the open. It will clutter very fast taking up more browser real estate and making it look even more messed up.

    Since this Chromium based browser has been in the works since Opera 15 when exactly will time be made for what used to make Opera , Opera. I'm not asking you personally just asking rhetorically out of frustration.

  • Fill your bookmarks bar with folders, with just the most frequently used bookmarks directly on the bar. It will look much better, and give quicker access to those half a dozen sites you need most.

    Or, just use Opera 12 until Christmas, and see what Santa Claus brings us. (~_~)

  • I install some extension in opera but every time I clear cache all my installed extension are gone.

  • I install some extension in opera but every time I clear cache all my installed extension are gone.
    That should not happen, unless you're using a third-party tool like CCleaner. There's a known bug in an old version so please update CCleaner to the newest version.

  • yeah I don't like this new opera. the lack of skins... that really MADE this browser for me. I don't like Firefox any more, I refuse to use chrome or IE. I really don't know what else to do. Ugh.

  • @sarra1833 If you feel that way about the other browsers, then keep using Opera Classic (Presto) that does still support skins.

  • @Sarra1833
    i know EXACTLY what u mean .. i only liked opera cuz of the skins... now i only use torch browser, it dont got skins that i know of but i can download any video that plays and any audio that plays for free

    i'll try presto, hmm i tried it before i posted this post... it dont seem like a browser at all, it says that i can use linux without have'n to leave windows tho so it is interesting at least

  • I asked this question the other day in regards to our being able to use the Chrome themes which cover the tool bar area as well. Unfortunately we are unable to make Chrome themes work with Opera. I know it's not a priority item but it would be helpful to have at least one dark skin to give us a choice. Just a suggestion, mind you.

  • IMHO the default skin takes too much space and I don't like that much of wasted space on my laptop screen. Why to use so high tabs and so wide border above and below address bar? 2 rows on top of the screen could be almost 2 times smaller and that would be a big benefit. Only good side I see that it now has smart card support but as I have more visible space in chrome then it's questionable I will keep using it.
    Unfortunately in years of development Opera has transformed to simple Chrome and lost all the nice features that made it special and better than others - great sidebar, mouse gestures and skins. Tabs were way before IE and Chrome, luckily they kept those and probably only because of everyone started using them :rolleyes: