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How to resolve this Opera for Mac Twitter error: "This browser does not support video playback"

  • Here's a sample video that won't playback.

    Chrome and Safari handle these videos with no problems.


  • Hi @operanazi, this problem can be related to the issue "h.264 does not play on Mac if hardware acceleration is on", you can try two workarounds:

    1. Go to opera:flags#ignore-gpu-blacklist, click "Enable" button, and press "Relaunch" (if this doesn't help, disable it, and try the second workaround).

    2. Open opera:flags#disable-accelerated-video-decode, and click "Enable", press "Relaunch Now", and see if this helps.

  • Thanks for the response. No luck with either setting, however. Still get the same error message.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Anyone else have ideas?

  • Hi @operanazi, since I can see the video without problems I'm going to guess it's related to your hardware. Are you using a late 2009 / early 2010 iMac or an older Mac Pro (not trash bin model)?

  • Interesting. I'm using a mid-2010 Macbook Pro. Why would this be a hardware issue when the video plays in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari? Is Opera doing something differently with hardware and h.264 playback?

  • Why would this be a hardware issue when the video plays in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari? Is Opera doing something differently with hardware and h.264 playback?

    Yes :), they are all different!

    Chrome, the closest cousin of Opera, normally uses an included version of ffmpeg to decode H264 video. This would be by far the easiest way for Opera to playback video too, but Opera can't do this, because we don't have the (expensive) license to redistribute binaries that can decode H264 from MPEG LA. Google has this license.

    Safari uses the included capabilities of OS X in ways only Apple can.

    Firefox and Opera both rely on OS X's video libraries to decode video, but use different ways to go about it.

    When displaying videos with H264 and MSE (, such as videos on Twitter, Opera uses Chrome's solution, which relies on OS X libraries when hardware acceleration is available, but falls back to their internal ffmpeg library when it is not. Since we don't have the internal ffmpeg library, we don't currently have any solution for MSE-enabled videos when hardware acceleration is not available.

    From the start we've assumed that most Macs have hardware acceleration (we certainly couldn't find any in our lab without), but lately we've realized that at least these machines don't have it:

    • Late 2009 / Early 2010 iMac
    • Mac Pro before the trash bin model

    We might have to add 'mid-2010 MacBook Pro' to that list now after your post here. Previously we've been on the fence a bit about writing a software renderer, since it seemed the impact was very limited (only a few Macs) and the group shrinking (new systems always have hw acceleration).

    So this is an important data point and we might want to reconsider. Thanks 🙂

  • Add Mid 2010 iMac to the list... I do get the ¨This browser does not support video playback.¨message as well... Since I check twitter quite often, in the meantime I will have to give up on Opera, and use Chrome or Firefox instead 😞

  • Yeah this is so shame. :awww:
    For me is a fantastic broswer. Great performance (speed, smooth, ram), great features, tampermonkey runs all scripts. I was with Firefox cause I had/am having a huge problem using Safari. Safari and Opera are the best out there for sure, but damn. Is so bad that you need to open other broswer to check a (youtube) video or twitter stuff. And then you forgot to go back to opera and continue there.... I am on beta for first time since Sierra and I am sending feedback reports. Likely they replied back to me twice to and asked me to take sysdiagnose files while my system hang, and is possible to grab it, so I am sending as they asked. Hopefully they will fix it, but I can't hold my breathe. Firefox became so shity last years, have hard times browsing sites like abduzeedo and in general sites like this, became so slow. I really don't want to mess with Chrome.

    So, I guess from your answer @avl that there's no reason for you to try a different way or company to pay for the (expensive) license. I understand. Even if I am the only one with this Safari problem (that is impossible) and devs are having hard time to fix it, put it to archive for "later" because I own a 2010 model and want to focus to newer machines, I understand. But that's really really bad for us lol

  • i had issues with my opera browser on my mac. but i just fixed them simply by opening opera://gpu then at the very top "Graphics Feature Status" i used to have "Rasterization" and "Video Decode" in "Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled" mode, which caused many problems with Youtube html5 player as well as several other problems.

    The solution is to go to opera://flags and in search bar type the specific category of "Graphics Feature Status" (in my case "Rasterization" for example). Since this is to do with GPU, i enabled "GPU rasterization" and right away under "Graphics Feature Status" , in opera://gpu, next to "Rasterization" appeared a green "Hardware accelerated" sign.

    I did the same with "Video Encode". Literally the same and now i DON'T have to wait couple of hours to see an uploaded video in Youtube in html5, I can watch Youtube streams (also html5). I am not so much into twitter or vine, but i think this fixed ALL my video playback issues in opera. You are Welcome.