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Opera Mini 18 beta for Android

  • Hi, I'm using 18.0.2254.105561, and... for life of me, I can't find the page reload/refresh button. I could have sworn there was one??? Take a look at pic:

  • Hi, I'm using 18.0.2254.105561, and... for life of me, I can't find the page reload/refresh button. I could have sworn there was one??? Take a look at pic:

    It should be where the search field is.

  • new search field in omnibar

    There will be an option to disable it like in desktop version?

  • @ fewtchure
    click lower left home android

    get opera search bar
    on top left
    click them three vertical blobs
    get reload option

    hey... >happy....

  • aww, feck.
    did not go as well as intended.

    ok mods, kill my postings by fire.
    and have a nice sunday brunch.

  • please add "remaining time" while downloading a file along with "download speed"...

  • please reduce the size of the search field especially when the tablet is in portrait mode.
    if it expands when we click on it to do a search then there's no need to have it taking so much space.
    the refresh button needs to be back in the address bar.
    that extra work if clicking the ... button and then select refresh is unnecessary.

  • I agree that the search field is oversized. Especially as we keep getting suggestions in the main bar.

    Also, after installing this beta i sometimes get a blank screen when going back to old tabs. The only way to get the page to show is to either hit the refresh from the 3 dot button, or tapping the address bar and hitting enter. Apparently either action do not trigger a full reload of the page via the server, just a refresh of the display. And no, the pull down to refresh action do not work when this bug is in effect.

  • About search field in omnibar, issues with portrait/tablet are known. We'll try to fix them during 18 beta lifecycle.

    @leocg, so far, no option to disable it, is planned.

  • I remember the Java opera mini could save the pages in "obml" extensions in sdcard... Wish the android can save pages in some extension to save it in sdcard and can be distributed later and reload the same pages in opera mini on other devices.

  • feature request- Opera should remember the data savings mode for each individual site.
    I use sites that do not work at all in extreme mode and have to switch modes Everytime.

  • Dear All,

    we've pushed next beta build onto Google Play store. What's new in this one:

    • more local content on start page in India
    • new search suggestion mechanism
    • various issues regarding new search box were fixed

    As always, please download, try it out and give us your feedback. Either by posting a comment here or via bug reporting tool in settings.

  • Where is the Rewind button in video playing feature?? It's very necessary for us. Moreover the video player can't able to rewind forward or backward by swiping. And we need Video Resume feature. Please take a view at this problem.

  • the refresh button needs to be visible at all times. it's the most users button by me.

  • The 'Refresh/Reload' button is also needed at the top or bottom as previous system. Bring back previous page reloading system.

  • Hi,

    just found a bug in v.18.0.2254.105772 (upgraded from 17.0.2211.105077)

    On our site, we have drop-down menus which are interdependent, for example:

    • if user chooses an item from the first drop-down, than only a certain number of variables are displayed.
      (in the first can be categories of farming work, i.e. tillage, spraying, planting, etc., in the second could be cultivation (tillage), plowing (tillage), nitrogen (spraying), potassium (spraying), seeds (planting), seeds + fertilizer (planting))

    Many sites use similar features to keep list size manageable.

    Up until v.18x all worked fine, now choosing the second option (based on the first) does not work - the pop-up displays but there is no array to choose from. Before, after choosing the first option, it would trigger a page reload and then the second options were available to choose from. But now, no page reload. Maybe it has to do with the new navigation bar, it's a little too jam-packed with features 😉 For people with poor vision, big fingers, or just generally far from computers (many older people and those in villages in developing countries), the new URL bar is overloaded (the three dots are very tiny).

    p.s. our site is based on (CMS), using v.12.08LTS, Opera mini is on AsusPhone tablets, Android v.5.01, (also tested on a Google Nexus7 2013 with Android 6.0.1, does not work either) if a login/pass to a test page on our site would help I can provide one.

  • Still there has no file downloading improvements. 😕

  • about the last update (June 7), can we edit or disable those suggestions?
    and I see there you boldly suggest engadget, but have you successfully open the site with extreme saving? it literally went white after finished loading.

  • I am also on July 7 update (105772) and I agree 100% with d-wa. There are suggestions (sites) that show up when putting focus in the address bar or search bar and all of the sites seem unnecessary (without having the ability to disable or modify them). The sites placed there are not sites I would ever even go to. Please allow to disable or modify those suggestions/sites.

    Also, still hoping opera will allow a quick toggle for switching between data savings and extreme modes (could be added on settings quick menu and the amount of data saved could still be seen-just needs to be slightly modded-if that is what is keeping this feature from being added). The convenience of this quick toggle would be very helpful without having to go to another screen to switch data modes (would appreciate less touchscreen presses for a function I use multiple times).


  • I saved 27 pages at older beta versions. Now I installed the beta 18 and 11 of them don't open anymore, but they are still on the list of saved pages.