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Under Add-ons, We are missing-out dearly on a Transliteration extension!

  • Hello Folks!

    There was a time when Extensions from -- Chrome Store were getting installed easily within Opera Web Browser as well. But since last few Upgrades....Opera has turned reluctant to host any of the Google Chrome's extensions, & insist Users to install only the ones hosted within Opera Add-ons store !

    Therefore, Users from SE Asia are missing out dearly on a prominent Transliteration extension such as---Google Language Input Tools (GLIT).

    Why don't you contemplate over coming up with a propriety Transliteration extension for Opera Users as well? What is the reliable alternative to GLIT for Opera Web Browser users?

    Please suggest further in this regard.

  • Hello Folks!

    Iam awaiting an Answer towards the above posted Query still! Please pitch-in your Inputs.
    Is there a way to install Extensions within Opera from Google Chrome store?

    Does there exist an equivalent Transliteration extension meant for Indic Languages similar to--- GLIT (Google Language Input Tools)?

    Response is keenly awaited.....

    Thank you.

  • Hi @saurabhdua, for that purpose you need first install one of the following extensions: "Extension source viewer", or "Download Chrome Extension". After that, you should be able to install the "Google Input Tools" extension, or any other extension from the Chrome Web Store in the Opera.

    Please be aware, that some of the extensions might not work at all, or not work properly, since not all of them are fully compatible with the Opera.

  • Hello l33t4opera!

    Which of the 2 is better as per your Opinion or experience? Which of the 2 has minimum memory footprint or lesser compatibility issues?

    & Iam very much eager to know that since when has Opera deassociated itself from accepting Chrome Store Add-ons? I clearly remember that there came a phase when extensions from Google Chrome Web store were indeed getting installed within Opera without even an iota of trouble!

    Isn't the Latest version of Opera based on Blink...the very same engine which powers Google chrome?

    & Lastly, haven't the developers across Opera thought anything yet about coming up with an equivalent "Transliteration" scheme?

    How about an Idea to rather "integrate" the Transliteration capability within any of the forthcoming release of Opera?

  • Hi @saurabhdua, according to the task manager, both extensions have really insignificant, approximately the same memory footprint (about 12,000KB in Linux/about 8,000KB in Windows). The Extension source viewer offers two additional, and helpful options: download an extension as a zip file, and view the source.

    Alternatively, you can install an extension in the Developer mode (without installing additional extension), but this requires a bit more effort, and knowledge.

    Yes, the new Opera is based on the Chromium source, and the Blink rendering engine, used by Chromium.

    Regarding the idea of integration, you can wait for a response on that matter, or you can write an email to the author of the extension, with a request to modify it accordingly for the Opera, and submit it to the add-ons store.

  • Hello l33t4opera!

    Thanks for a prompt response.

    Your quote - " Yes, the new Opera is based on the Chromium source, and the Blink rendering engine used by Chromium."

    Therefore, Please reason out that why the extensions of Google Chrome store cannot be made to install within Opera without undergoing any hassles?

    If the core is same, what really then goes different with Opera that extensions (or Add-ons in general) applicable for Chrome report incompatible with Opera?

    Yours patience & response will be sincerely appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Therefore, Please reason out that why the extensions of Google Chrome store cannot be made to install within Opera without undergoing any hassles?

    Because they are Chrome extensions, not Chromium ones.

    Chrome and Opera only share the engine, all the rest is different. It means a different UI, different APIs implemented, etc.

    Also, Opera checks all extensions uploaded to the official extensions store to make sure they are safe to use. That's why they don't (easily) support installation of from other places.

  • Heartiest Thanks for a Comprehensive reply! leocg!--You have sealed the Topic, literally!

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