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Is it safe to downgrade to the Opera with the old UI?

  • Hey,

    I really loved the old UI of Opera, now you can't even see if the back button is greyed out or not. Also Ctrl+F on the start page is gone for whatever f'ing reason. Is it safe to downgrade? Are there security risks? If yes, how do I fix the aforementioned problems?


    PS: How do I make Ctrl + F always open a new page? I hate it when it jumps back somewhere, especially, when I have 3000+ tabs open...

  • CtrlF should be "Find in page", no?

    Which versions of Opera are you talking about?

  • ... Is it safe to downgrade? Are there security risks? ...

    As a general observation, the further back one reverts to an older software version from the latest one, the greater the chances (and numbers) of possible security risks to which one might become exposed. This is especially true for versions within a given family of software which undergo frequent updates that include security patches for the software code. On the other hand, reverting to an older version possessing an entirely different underlying code framework may not present as great a security risk as otherwise reverting within a family whose versions all have the same framework, provided that the old software's framework had the vast majority of its security bugs fully wrung out of it and provided new classes of exploits haven't arisen since then that implement attacks upon elements of that old architecture.

    The main problem with using any old and now-unsupported version is that it won't be security-patched at that version level should a new vulnerability arise. Most users of old versions might not even realize such a vulnerability affecting them had appeared 'in the wild' unless they habitually stay current with new exploit news and CERT vulnerability reports.