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Opera 20 - Tab Close Icon Position

  • Is there any way to customise the location of the "X" icon to close a tab? I'm coming from Firefox where it's on the right and now it's on the left I keep accidentally closing my tabs. Is there any setting to change this?

  • There is no way to customise the location of X icon in Opera. There are few options to close a tab though. You can hold shift button and click on tab, you can use shortcut cmd+W.

  • I pretty much exclusively use the mouse gesture for closing tabs. One quick flick and it's gone. And if I remember that I actually do need it, another flick will reopen it again.
    To be fair, since the traditional mouse gestures have been effectively aborted for the time being I am using the Chrome extension Pig Toolbox for all my gesture needs. Makes it very easy to create your own gestures and edit them however you want... You know, the way they are supposed to be in Opera... Or have been, at least. I'm not sure what gestures are there in the latest version of Opera, but if the default ones are somehow still active, closing a tab is done by moving the mouse down and right and reopening a closed tab is done by moving the mouse right and up. You keep the right mouse button pressed while doing that and the gesture gets activated once you release the button.

  • Thanks for the responses guys.

    It's actually not the closing action I am having difficulties with. It's that when I change tabs, I keep accidentally hitting the close button.

    Every other browser I have used (inc. Opera for Windows...) has them on the right, so I've always aimed my mouse towards the left to change tabs.

    I suppose I just have to re-train myself!

  • Window controls—including the close button—is on the left instead of on the right (Windows style) on Mac. Firefox and Chrome are being non-native when they put it on the right. Tabs in Finder (OS 10.9+), Safari, and Terminal have their close buttons on the left.

  • Okay, you're right. I guess I will adjust. Thanks!

  • I think it is we need move mouse to the left side of the screen that make it feel weird.

  • This has been driving me nuts as well. It's not so much that the button to close the tab is on the left, but that the favicon turns in to the close button on hover. It's not good UX in my opinion. I don't think an icon that helps visually identify the tab should also double as the spot to click to close the tab. I instinctively want to click on the first identifying element I see to switch to a new tab and the most visually distinguished element is the favicon. It would be nice if there was an option available to move the close button to the right for users who would prefer that.

  • And yeah, I realize now that this is an old post. It's what came up in a Google search when looking for something to customize this behavior though.

  • Completely agree mwduncan85, it's not good UX at all to have the favicon transition into the close button. The favicon is a natural target to click to access that tag - it's the most/only visual component on a tab. I've been happily using Opera for many months, and still do this at least once per day. Would love to be able to configure this.

  • If you have at least a 3-button pointing device, you can middle-click anywhere in a tab to close it.