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Thank you so much for Opera 12.18 (Presto)

  • Maybe there is somewhere a topic like this already, but I can't find it.

    So... Thank you so much for Opera 12.18 (Presto)! I've just heard about this several days ago, I update my old version and I'm so happy!

    For me as a web-developer it's best browser ever period.

  • I was using the old Opera Presto on my Windows XP since when it was ad supported in 2004. It was not always trouble free, at times it crashed. Nevertheless, it had a nice feel and best functionality and speed, clearly my favorite browser. And I'm sure my freedom from malware over the years was largely due to its inherent security: little used and thus left alone by hackers.

    But since it was replaced, site support was declining, and now that I've moved to Windows 10, I decided to try the new Opera 38. Clearly not as functional, the new Menu being far inferior to the old one. Even basic items like Bookmarks are not as readily accessible and manageable.I don't see why changing the engine had to be accompanied by changing the menu structure and logic.

    Well, if it's any consolation, Windows got even worse, with Windows 10 being infuriatingly illogical and a far cry from the logic and neatness of XP.

    As Murphy said, if it's good, they'll change it.

  • I also find Opera 12.18 the best. Began utilizing Opera 15 years ago, and have enjoyed it all that time. Including the integrated Mail client.

    I've tried the new Opera quite a few times over the years, but find it much less handy. So every time after a few hours using the latest version at that time I deleted it again.

    The few occasions a website is not rendered completely well -like a video won't play- in Opera 12.18 I simply click on that web-page so that the panel with a choice to open that site with my Firefox or IE 11 appears, and problem solved. But Opera is my default browser.

  • PS:
    I don't like Windows 10. With the use of StartIsBack my Windows 8.1 looks and works perfectly. And to stop all the Microsoft spying I use Destroy Windows Spying (DWS).