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Opera DEV 39 input and observations

  • I've been testing the Opera DEV 39 release for several weeks now because I'm particularly interested in understanding the integrated VPN functionality to be provided. I'm not an Opera 'power' user by any means - I've primarily been using Firefox on Windows. I've got to observations and feedback for the forum community.

    1. Font display quality is poor (Windows 8.1). Compared to Firefox, Opera's text presentation is FUZZY at ALL comparable default zoom levels - verified in a side-by-side 'taste test'. I am current on my Windows fixes and have searched throughout the Opera forums to no avail to see if there is a problem with my configuration/environment. Most recent comments on this topic are very old (Opera 12).

    2. Bookmark sync support is poor. No Xmarks support for Opera. It appears one can only do a 'one-off' migration into Opera which is useless for evaluation purposes. My bookmark library is fluid and the limitations of the 'import/export' paradigm is unproductive. I realize Opera can't force Xmarks to support its browser - but if Opera wants to make it EASY for people to start to use its browser in place of Firefox/Chrome/IE/Edge/Safari, there has got to be a better solution than the archaic import/export approach documented at

    I am hard-pressed to believe that these limitations due to the pre-release status of Opera DEV 39. If I am wrong, please correct my perception.

    1. Font quality is usually on par with other applications. You may disable some graphic acceleration in flags (search forum, I can't say, which flags may help), so can you start Opera in 96dpi rendering mode - if your windows font size is set at more than 100% (add space and --alt-high-dpi-setting=96 to Opera shortcut Target line).

    2. Currently bookmarks are synced between Opera instances on different computers and devices. I don't know, what devs are planning to extend sync support to other browsers (and beacuse I have been Opera user for many years, I have never needed that and have no idea). For initial install, Opera should offer bookmarks import from other browsers?

  • I'm experiencing the same problem. Wasn't happening yesterday. I had made a change to a display adapter, and changed it back, but I still have the problem.

    I'm running out of browsers. I have continual script problems on Firefox, and Internet Explorer keeps crashing, as does Chrome. I like Edge, but my password manager doesn't support it, nor Safari.

    I'm thinking of setting fire to my computer, and going exclusively to my tablet.

  • Internet Explorer keeps crashing, as does Chrome.
    I'm thinking of setting fire to my computer.

    Seems like right thing to do 🙂

    Well, what I mean is that neither IE nor Chrome do crash on my PC (or on many-many other users computers) - it has to be some Windows (or even hardware/driver) problem.

    What kind of crashes do you experience?