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Some issues, questions, feedback

  • First one is the slow start in windows 7. I have reinstalled my OS recently and my hard drive is almost empty, so I think this an opera issue.
    Second is that when I want to use google search via the address bar I sometimes get the "Website not found" page. It seems that opera doesn't recognize search queries as such, hence the page not found error. It always works on the second try though.

    Lastly, some general suggestions. I would like to resize my speed dial blocks. There is no option for that, not even in the advanced section in the settings menu. I also would like to add a new custom search engine and make it default, if possible. You can do that with almost every modern browser nowadays. Then I would like to have an option to stop search and web history. That was also possible in the previous versions. Instead I have to delete the history manually, which I tend to forget sometimes and which is always quite annoying. Is there at least a short cut for that? Or maybe an extension?

    Thats all so far.
    Stay colorful!

  • What version are you using?

    If you're using 19, there's some helpful hints here:

    Otherwise, search the forums. There are answers to most things there.

  • What version are you using?If you're using 19, there's some helpful hints here:, search the forums. There are answers to most things there.

    Needless to say, that this advice is going into the limbo and therefore not helpful....

  • @albatros48: Hi, this is the link to the post from the old forum, which has been
    imported here by Opera's representatives, but I think, that Brenda (@bjdobson) had in mind this post.

  • "Website not found"

    do you have off road turned on. i find it buggy, it gives me the same behavior that you're describing. i turned it off for a fix.

    "I would like to resize my speed dial blocks"

    you need to turn on advanced settings. this will give option for speed dial thumbnail width and max # of columns.

    as for searches, there are some extensions for for it (ex. duckduckgo). i haven't tried them, but maybe their what you need.

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