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Opera updates in Vista/XP?

  • Also, does anyone know the difference between the "Setup" file and the "Autoupdate" file on the FTP site?

    The second is used by the auto-updater.

  • New update for Windows XP, and Vista - Opera stable 36.0.2130.80 πŸ˜‰
    @davehawley @opermo @thebeacondeacon

    Also, does anyone know the difference between the "Setup" file and the "Autoupdate" file on the FTP site? It's not offline and online installers as they seem to be pretty much the same size (around 36 and 35 MB respectively).

    The second is used by the auto-updater.

    So which one should one get?

  • Guys, what about slightly renaming this thread? People check for updates on old systems, XP included. You can add a name or two to the thread's title, say, in parentheses.

    Yes, I just noticed a question or two in other threads, while by this title, people might not guess there's relevant info here.

  • It looks as if the "Setup" file is the normal traditional installer.
    The "Autoupdate" file when run seems to immediately create a complete new Opera installation in the same folder that the file was run from.
    I assume this is a quick way of producing a standalone self-contained installation, but if that is what it's intended for I think it could be named a bit more clearly!

  • So which one should one get?

    The one with 'setup' in the name.

  • Got it.
    My Qihoo AV wanted the file for analysis though πŸ˜›
    The Chinese are willing to lay their hands on it still πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi all, @davehawley,

    "Some of you may know, that the last Opera version compatible with Windows XP and Vista was Opera 36, which is based on Chrome version 49. We promised we would continue to issue security updates and crash fixes to the Opera 36 branch, and this is our first such update with backports of fixes for some security issues, that were fixed in Opera 37 based on Chrome 50."

    The announcement: "Security update for Windows XP and Vista users".

    β˜• \m/ :cheers:

  • Thanks!
    I'm not sure about the assertion that Opera is the only major browser now being updated for XP and Vista. I see no sign (yet) that Firefox doesn't support XP any more. I'm using the latest version (48) quite happily on XP, and I've seen no notice from Mozilla about any withdrawal of support.
    It's not a "major browser" of course, but Slimjet 10 (based on Chromium 50) is also being maintained as a branch for XP users.

  • would it be so hard for those of you to drop XP/Vista an move on to Windows 7 atleast

    After Microsoft revealed itself to basically be a gang of rapists who think they have the right to do whatever they want with my computer ... my next stop is Linux. And Opera still has a Linux version.

  • Mozilla has said that ESR 52 will be the last version of the browser for Windows XP and Vista; extrapolating from the RapidRelease schedule, it appears as if ESR 52 will go EOL around 29 May 2018, when ESR 59 leaves testing and becomes the sole ESR in development.

  • Thanks, Lewis. I use Firefox as my main browser, without autoupdating though.

  • Anyone concerned about security really shouldn't be running windows xp in the first place

  • Thank you for that.

  • Anyone concerned about security really shouldn't be running windows xp in the first place

    Buy me a new computer.

  • Well, noticing recently people corroborate my Firefox observations: for them, as well as for myself, it must be getting slower and/or heavier with each new update.

    Google Chrome last for XP is working loads faster - though slightly infected with some "redirect" and "onclick" adware. So could be a not so bad idea to try this Opera 36 for the time being.
    What do you think, Dave. πŸ™‚

  • While it will never be a replacement for Opera 12, Opera 36 has always worked very well for me, so give it a try! I would certainly use it in preference to Chrome, whose only big advantage in XP as far as I can see is that it includes some video codecs that XP and other Chromium browsers don't provide.
    Slimjet 10 also has ongoing XP security patch support, and I would also recommend you give that a try.
    It includes a really good video downloader!

  • O'k, thanks.

    I downloaded Maxthon though. I might ask a question or two later in the Lounge...

  • NΓ₯r jeg ser pΓ₯ en video fra ex Startsiden med Therese Jorhahg sΓ₯ stopper den halvveies og det kommer denne meldingen : The video could not be played due to unavailability or netverks problem HTML5 Code:4 er det noen som har vΓ¦rt bort i dette og hva skal jeg gjΓΈre ? send meg gjene en

  • @arvidrudolf
    Welcome to the forum, but please use only English in this section.
    Also, never put your e-mail address in an open forum post, it's a gift to spammers!

    I'm auditioning Maxthon now myself, looks interesting and works fine on XP!
    I'll meet you in the lounge about it, as we shouldn't be discussing non-Opera browsers here.

  • The last update for Opera on older operating windows systems of XP & Vista is version: 36.0.2130.80 X(

    Very disappointed with that decision to stop updating for older windows operating systems!

    Many people have computers with older operating systems world wide!

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