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  • Dear Opera,
    I love your browser and I am using the Dev version for Linux on Lubuntu 16.04 on a Pay per MB Data plan in Myanmar.

    1. Please add Turbo options to the desktop editions (Just like Android Mini)
      a. When I go back one page (using the arrow), it is cached and fast in mini but not the desktop.
      b. (mini does not give the option to remove javascript.. do not take that away!

    The Android Opera Mini seems to have better data plan savings. Not only that, you can also adjust the quality of pictures to low. I save lots of space.
    This option is not available. The Turbo is a "black box" we do not know what it does or how much we save and I suspect, I am not saving nearly as much.
    I turn off the JavaScript which is my norm to save much space.
    If there is a way to make OperaMini work on Linux, please let me know. I also have arcwelder installed on chrome to run apk but it does NOT run most android apps. I used an emulator to run a jar file, but that is for old phones and is not acceptable.

  • If I understand this right, you already know that Opera desktop has a turbo option, but only one (the light version), and you want to have the extreme version that Opera Mini has, in Opera for desktop too?

  • For this to happen you would need to have a desktop version for Opera Mini as extreme mode wouldn't work in a normal browser most probably.

  • Yes, I want the Extreme for the Desktop edition.
    You already have the code to make it work. It is just backend stuff.
    Should be easy to implement.

    The extreme is very very good on using bandwidth. I use it on my tablet and I am giving my tablet away soon.
    If you are going to have a turbo, you might as well "go for it" That is the point of Turbo.

    Not all desktop pc's have unlimited wifi accounts. I am on tether and pay for every mb.

    The turbo extreme also has picture quality selections.
    The turbo extreme does not have java on off options. It is probably "off" on extreme mode anyway.
    The opera mini also has a tile page reduction of bandwidth option.

    as for the other comment...
    I think it is just a backend operation to be added which has been written already.
    I do not see any reason why this cannot be done. Android also has two if it is impossible.. yes.
    Ok.. I will take a mini build. When do you want me to test it?
    The opera mini available for computers seems to be just a mobile phone app that runs on an emulator. I ran it, but did not like it. Am i missing something here?

    There was an article on how to run this emulator for mini to save bandwidth in omg ubuntu.. actually several articles. There is obviously demand for this. There was also an attempt to get archon to run opera mini. archon is a way to run android apps in chrome. It does not work though but there are hints that chrome will have full support for android soon.

  • No, there is not only backed code to be fixed. What's special about the extreme mode, is that the pages are rendered on the servers, and then sent to the browser for display. They will have to port the client code of Opera Mini (which is probably written in Java) to the desktop browser.

    I don't work at Opera so I don't know this exactly, but probably something like that. Anyway, it's not that easy.

  • everything is easy according to the Client! But I used to be a programmer once. And it is always easy on paper!

    OK.. I hope they implement it anyway.
    Opera has a niche for turbo. They also are trying to break into 3rd world (I am in myanmar). We pay per mb.
    The Dev opera has vpn for free. That is to attract China and google users. I bet they pay per mb too.
    So this would be a good carrot s for opera.

    another thing is this tiles page.. It is huge in bandwidth! I need this to stop. I think I saw that beta has this fixed.

  • Opera Developer,
    Did you think this is something that you can implement. I think the code would already be written since you already have turbo on the desktop. I think you just need a switch for the server to collect in a different way.

    It is strange that the desktop world assumes that we all have unlimited fast wifi connections. This is a wrong assumption for the developing countries.

    The opera mini has so many goodies for saving data. Save pages easily for offline viewing.
    speed dial reduction
    photo reduction

    It is really important.

  • It seems that you are misunderstanding some things. First, there is nos uch thing as Turbo Extreme and Turbo High modes but high and extreme data saving modes.

    With high mode enabled, Opera Mini will use Turbo like Opera for Desktops and Opera for Android can use to save data. In this mode Opera Mini acts like a normal browser and you should not have problems loading pages.

    On the other hand, when extreme mode is selected, all requests are sent to Opera's servers, processed there and sent back to Mini compacted as an OBML file to be displayed. In extreme mode, Opera Mini acts like what it always was: an OBML viewer.

    So, for extreme mode to be implemented on Opera for desktops, they would need to enable support for displaying OBML files and, of course, add extreme mode itself. Not that simple as it seems.

  • ok. Currently, I am using java disabled. Which does most of the trick.
    However, the start page or speed dial seems to add lots of overhead. I think the mini had an option to limit this? Every new page sucks all of the data.
    If turbo mode could have image quality selection that would be good too.

    In any case, please consider my request with your marketing people if you are not one already. You browser could do well in developing countries. For instance, I bet you have had a bunch of downloads from Brazil lately? They blocked some internet recently.
    China and other countries also block. This vpn seems to be the direction you are targeting...developing countries...they also pay for mb usage. connections are quite fast even in Myanmar. I posted something in FB and G+ and found 200 mb down. I couldn't believe it. I use my phone for that now.

    Data savings is also a forte for opera (mini) too.
    So even if turbo extreme cannot be accomplished. Please try to find ways to increase the turbo effect without obml format.