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Can't open Google apps menu on google homepage

  • All it shows is a small ^ sign and it does not display the menu options (news, finance, play, etc). Please help!

  • Delete your cookies for the website and test it. That fix it?

  • My Browser also have this issue, it cannot display the menu options from yesterday.I have deleted all the browser history and cookies,it wasn't solved , then I reinstalled the browser many times, it display the menu first, but 20 seconds later, the menu disappeared again. I think it may be virus or other reasons such as bugs. And I still cannot figure it out.Someone please help!

  • Keep Calm, same problem here with the ^ on the google homepage using Opera.

    Didn´t show notifications or Apps on the Pc (Maybe are invisible) cause de ^ is part of the notifications and apps window frame.

    I cleanned cookies/Historial several times and reinstalled Opera and nothing changed, so it´s not a virus, it´s a bug. Firefox, Chrome and IE showed the notifications menu properly for me.

    For the moment, you can see your notifications accessing directly to G+ via browser, on the main panel on G+ site. An still can access manualy to apps via browser.

  • I think this problem is caused by line 267 of the file browser.js. Without this line the Google apps menu appears by clicking the button. I can't delete or comment out this line because opera restores the changed or deleted broser.js file automaticly.

  • Same issue here. Dear Opera team, please sort this bug out 😞

  • May be another line than 267 in browser.js file causes the problem. Opera ignores edited browser.js file in the short time until Opera will have it restored automaticly.

  • It seems to be fixed now.

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