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missing icon, how to start opera?

  • I installed opera. I can't find a way to start it. There's no icon. I don't know the terminal command to start opera.
    opera-stable is there in the downloads folder and when I open the file with the Package Installer, it says opera is already installed. I have the options of reinstalling or uninstalling. So opera-stable is on my computer, installed and ready to run. So how do I start it? Like I said, there's no icon.
    I am running galliumos, a linux distro, on a chromebook c720p.

    Edit: okay, I can start the browser by typing the command "opera" in terminal.
    If I was running ubuntu, I would right-click the icon and fix it. That doesn't work in galliumos.
    Any suggestions for getting an icon in the launch bar?

  • Do you know what the name of the desktop they use is?

  • xfce

  • Been a while, but not that hard. On the launcher itself, not one of the drawers?

  • This is all kind of a mystery to me. GalliumOS seems to be built on xubuntu. I found a thread where somebody asks about drawers:
    seemingly a drawer is not really a thing on this desktop.

  • A drawer is a slide-out menu on the launcher, last time I used XFCE they had 3-4 main icons and a similar number of drawers. Going from memory at the moment but I recall a settings icon at the right end for configuring the main icons. Though all this was a while ago - while I have XFCE installed on my laptop it is not my default desktop. Right now I'm on break at work and thus on my tablet ... and therefore can't look.

  • Okay, home now. Looks like XFCE 4 has gone for the older Gnome style, now that Gnome has changed. On my system (Mageia), there is a context menu on the desktop, plus there is an Applications menu in the top left corner. (The desktop menu has Applications as a submenu.) By default, Opera is under Applications > Internet > More > Opera. Additionally under Applications > Settings you can choose Settings Manager where you can set Preferred Applications so that the "Web browser" icon starts Opera instead of Firefox (or whatever the default is there) ... or under Panel you can change the items you find there (if you'd rather have an Opera icon instead of the generic Web browser icon). Doesn't seem too hard ...

  • Thanks for the hints.