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Change Google target domain for the address bar search

  • Hey guys,

    Since I start using Opera weeks ago, I have one annoying issue I can't get rid of it and only solve by changing some JSON config files until Opera get a new update build.

    It's about the target domain for the google search, and it is always HU instead of COM because I live in Hungary, and unfortunately I can't change this behavior in the settings. The only solution is to replace .hu with .com in the JSON config files from the current build, and I need to do that with each new update build.

    My question is: What does Opera use to detect my country?

    I have no reference to Hungarian anywhere, so I'm quite curious why Opera is keep using the .hu target domain for a Google search. Here my settings and things I tried out yet.

    • My browser language is English (US)
    • My Mac language is English (US)
    • My Opera profile country is US
    • I'm using a US proxy
    • I used a US proxy to download the Opera browser (offline version)
    • I checked the browser cookies if there's maybe a reference for the Opera browser

    Nothing works, I always have the Hungarian Google search 😞

    PS: I'm using Opera with the current version 36.0.2130.46 on El Capitan: 10.11.4 (15E65)


  • Same problem here. I'm located in Luxembourg and when I installed Opera my VPN was logged in in the Netherlands and now all search results are dutch and I can't seem to change it.

  • Hi @bulletinmybeard @glariana, you can change it as follows:

    1. Go to about:opera, copy the path to the profile, and close the Opera,

    2. Open your file explorer, navigate to the profile folder, and make a copy of the "Local State" file (if you make a mistake, you can overwrite the original file with a copy),

    3. Open the "Local State" file in your text editor, search for: "country", and you should see similar content as below:


    Replace "XX" with "US", and save the changes, close the file, and relaunch the Opera 😉

  • Hey l33t4opera,

    I have the same issue and your solution doesn't work. In my config file everything is set to US already. The only solution is to change two JSON files in the framework > installation folder. But this shouldn't be the solution to change it after each update.


  • Hey @daseinstein, additionally to the above steps, you can try this: close the Opera, and navigate to the profile folder, rename the "Web Data" file to e.g. "Web Data-old", and relaunch the Opera.

    Small notice: this will remove your custom search engines, so in case, that this will work for you, you need to add them again, and if not, then you can simply rename the file back.

  • Hey l33t4opera,

    Unfortunately nothing changed after removing/renaming the Web Data file 😕


  • Hi @daseinstein, weird, here it works on Windows and Linux, even without renaming the "Web Data" file, I see no reason why it should not work on a Mac 😉

  • Strane... oO