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It’s the 'customisation', stupid!

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm new here, my first post, I'm not native english so please be understanding.

    I've installed Opera many times in the past, never used to it, never using it longer time. Now I've just installed Opera again, added addons I want (FF user here, so addons FTW!) and I'm amused how this browser is good in some ways! It's super fast on my PC, way faster than FF, it's good looking it has super fast dial home page (this speed dial is just WOW, those 'icons' it creates from site font and colours, brilliant idea), it has addons that I need and I can add Chromium addons, but:

    • I can't shuffle addons icons.
    • I can't edit gestures. What is the point of having gestures out of the box, when you can't add/change gesture? Totally useless feature. It's deal-breaker, you will never become 'top 3' browser when user need to change very basic habits? It really need weeks to change habit like mouse gesture.
    • I can't edit search engines. In any way.
    • (very minor, but a bit important to me) I can't customise colours for sites minatures on speed dial.

    I hope I will not met any other obstacles when using Opera, because it's way better browser than Chromium (I'm using it on Linux) and FF (using on Windows and Linux).

  • Wrong forum - forum feedback is about this website. Moved to the Opera for "nix forum.

  • I hope I will not met any other obstacles when using Opera, because it's way better browser than Chromium (I'm using it on Linux) and FF (using on Windows and Linux).

    The concept of browser has radically changed in Chropera. There is no extended customization possibilities anymore. For an example, most of Chrome's users don't even use mouse gestures (too complicated to learn for them). Too geeky features.

  • I posted about this sort of thing (on the right forum) but nobody answered. From the answers here, it looks like Opera has decided to ditch what made it special and become yet another version of Chrome.

    It may be a better version of Chrome than Chrome but it doesn't look like it wants to do what I want, so I guess I'll shift back to 12.16. Maybe someone will go back to create something current but customisable and I'll cease being an Opera user after more years than I can remember.

  • Honestly, Jon created Vivaldi for just that reason, but they only just released 1.0 for that. Opera is a bit more mature at this point. Still, you might look into it.

  • Ah yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Many thanks!

    Goodbye, Opera. Hello, Vivaldi.

  • Thank's for your answers!

    New Opera is so close to be ideal for me, just those minor things and this one major - gestures. I suppose I will just disable default gestures support and use one addon from Chrome (all bad, but still better than default one).

    About Vivaldi, I've never used it, will check! Thank you!

  • I've done quick research and you can't remove default search engines, maybe not a big deal if there wasn't 'y' letter used by me for youtube occuped by yahoo.

    You know what? I'm done again. I've spend a lot of time to configure it for my need and it's not possible. Only thing that really prevent people from using Opera is developers team. Their 'partners', or maybe money from them more important than users...