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Opera Mail Duplicates in Sent folder

  • I've changed my mail account from POP to IMAP.

    A problem that has shown up is duplicate copies of sent messages in my Sent folder. After much research I've discovered that automatically places a copy of messages in the sent folder. I think Opera Mail also stores a copy of a sent message in the sent folder. The result is every message I send shows up twice in the sent folder.

    I've had to switch to Mail in my Macbook pro from Opera Mail because there is an option in Mail to disable saving sent mail in the sent folder for IMAP accounts.

    Would it be possible to have a similar option in Accounts to skip saving sent mail in the sent folder in Opera Mail.


  • I wouldn't hold my breath. Opera mail appears to have been a one and done for their loyal users since it hasn't received a single update since it's first release. It's built off of Presto and Opera ASA are doing their best to distance themselves from the past

  • On the outgoing tab in the account's properties, if you unset the IMAP sent folder, Opera won't try to place a copy anywhere.

    If unsetting a sent folder doesn't stick, close down Opera Mail and edit incomingN.txt in the mail folder (see help -> about Opera Mail for the location) where N is the number for the account as seen in accounts.ini. What you want to do (while Opera is closed), is disable special use for the account. Then, unsetting a sent folder will stick.

    Now, the downside of that is that messages that are in that IMAP sent folder will no long be treated as sent messages and they won't show up in "All Messages/Sent".. That's okay though as you can just create a label with a rule that matches a from header that contains your email address. That way, you can use that as a sent view.

    Mow, Gmail's SMTP server does the same thing as Outlook's. But, with Gmail, it's smarter and ignores the extra copy.'s SMTP server just doesn't do that.

    So, those are the workarounds and both Opera and are at fault here.

    That's all you can do. Opera Mail isn't being worked on anymore as far as everyone can tell. So, there won't be any new features/fixes/

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