change page size information request

  • Greetings

    New to Opera, using 36.0.2130.32 on a box with north of 24 GB of RAM, 2 GPUs and 4 monitors.
    Monitors are setup as 2 screen under nVidia X server tools. One screen has 2 monitors linked horizontally
    forming a 3820 x 1080 window and the other is a 3000 x 3000 window.

    How do I resize the browser window?
    How do I move it on the screen?


  • Same as any other window - at least here. If you hover an edge of the window you get a resize arrow, if you drag the title bar you drag the window. (Using KDE desktop on Mageia 5 here.)

  • I'm on LXDE (and Debian testing) and I cannot get a resize arrow. (that's why I'm asking!!)

    Maybe Opera doesn't like working with LXDE (and I don't like the bloat in KDE).

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