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  • Hi there,

    I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes or being THAT guy who asks an FAQ. But, as I see no FAQ section at all, I take the liberty to go ahead with my question. Thanks for your regards.

    I'm currently trying to make the long overdue switch from 12.16 to a newer version.

    $ opera --version Opera 12.16 Build 1860 for Linux x86_64.

    $ /usr/bin/opera --version 35.0.2066.92

    $ uname -a Linux Jessi 4.4.3-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Feb 26 15:09:29 CET 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    I tried to do some research on my own, like"switch+from+12.16"

    but I'm still missing a concise guide on how to make the switch.

    It's probably much easier than I imagine it to be, but as of now ... Opera 35 looks and feels like an abomination.

    It's probably just a UI thing, I guess. E.g.: the "Show Menu Bar" item item: Where is it? I'm probably supposed to hit Alt+F11, only that my Windowmanager already catches this event. Why not simply leave "Show Menu Bar" in the "Menu" menu?

    Secondly: Why does it start up with the "Speed Dial"? Somewhere in my operaprefs.ini I've specified something like

    Speed Dial State=3 Show Startup Dialog=0 Startup Type=3

    Isn't that supposed to disable Speed Dial?

    Thirdly: when typing "about:config" into the address bar, I'm being redirected to some obscure interface, which doesn't even halfway begin to give me access to my operaprefs.ini settings.

    Fourthly: Hitting the "Arrow Down" key, whilst having the cursor within the address bar, doesn't open any kind of "typed in" history.

    Fifthly: Where are my "Widgets"? (e.g. "Screenshoter")

    I think I've bored you enough with my petty complaints. My simple question is: How does a simple guy like me switch to a newer version of Opera?

    Because: I'm very reluctant to re-configure this thing again. I've forgotten more about webbrowser/Opera configuration than most people would dare to know.

    Thanks for your attention

  • Pardon the formatting, please. I blame it on the board software ;o) Honest, I do!

  • Opera 35 is based on Chromium, and unrelated to Opera 12. It should import your bookmarks and passwords, and they made an effort to duplicate the keyboard shortcuts, but really that's as far as it goes.

    There is no menu bar, if you can't stand the menu button arrangement then it isn't really fot you. You can find a lot of options in Settings, including startup options, but in this version you can't completely disable Speed Dial (as in, new tabs will open speed dial regardless of how you start up). There are additional settings under opera:flags but some can be difficult. Oh, in Settings there are additional settings in Advanced mode (checkbox at the bottom of the Browser page) or Power user mode (click outside the Search field, then use the old Konami code).

    I think I need to give you time to look it over, if you have further questions feel free to ask.

  • Great answer! Are you a psychologist, by any chance? 🙂

    There is no menu bar, if you can't stand the menu button arrangement then it isn't really fot you.

    Hmm, I was afraid you're going to say that. I'm an old fart. Stuck in my ways. Yearning for the newspaper on my doorstep every morning, only to b*tch about the quality of journalism.

    But, then again, what are my alternatives?

    $ echo $( (pacman -Sqs "web.*browser") | wc -l)


    So, that'd be about 10 Webbrowsers I'd have to go through (again) in order to find the one that annoys me the least.

    There are additional settings under opera:flags

    Oh! I didn't know about that one. Thanks again! I'd have to dig a bit deeper into it. It'll take some time.

    Power user mode

    Had to websearch for a way to get there. I did get up to the "I understand, proceed" dialogue, but after there, nothing seems to have changed? That's probably due to a misconception on my part. I expected the old "about:config" interface. No biggie, just a misunderstanding, I guess.

    Additional complaint (sorry, if I come across a bit lamenting. I do realize, that it's just petty stuff): When double-clicking a tab in the old 12.16, it used to collapse. Doesn't do that any more.

    Again: Thank you very much for your resourceful response (I hope I'm not embarrassing you all too much. People have begun staring our way :o) )

  • Having just switched from 12 to 35 (as FreeBSD didn't support my new laptop's WiFi card, while Linux just barely does, but that's a different story) I actually mostly found it pretty good - at least after only 24 hours.

    The thing I do find frustrating is that the command-line switch "opera -newwindow" doesn't open a new window like 12 did, but instead opens a new tab. Isn't that what "opera -newtab" is for?

    The context is, if I want a new browser page I have a script (triggered from keyboard shortcut) that determines if there is already an Opera window on my current virtual desktop/workspace/whatever you want to call it. If there is, it calls newtab. If there isn't, it calls newwindow so I get a window visible. Instead now it just pops open a new tab on a window I can't see.

    Is this supposed to happen? Or is some setting inherited from 12 interfering?

  • The commandline options from 12 don't work, instead the commandline options from Chromium do (mostly).

  • Hmm. Maybe should be updated then, even if just to say "For versions of Opera greater than 12, see"

    I know one usually shouldn't point at non-project pages, but points users to the above URL, which tells me "-newwindow" has been replaced with "--new-window". 😕

  • Thanks for hijacking my thread, Andrew 😉 NHNF

    Btw: are you aware of the 'wmctrl' program/command? I'm not sure whether it can help with your cause (mostly due to the fact that I don't grasp it), but I thought you'd might want to give it a thought or two.

    Glad to read about your content with 35. Be happy with it. But I've issued several concerns, which, to my thinking, are very valid.