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Opera Mini 7.5.4 for Android

  • Have you tried up browser & next browser?

  • I want in opera Mini for Android private browsing, improved history and smart downloading from opera for android. please reply

  • Oh and display list like in Opera for Android 😢

  • Have you tried up browser & next browser?

    what's that? if you are talking about Opera Mobile and Opera Next (Beta) - no, I am not going to use them as neither supports RSS (I mentioned this in my comment). UC browser - tried it, think it sucks; Next Browser doesn't support RSS either. I just want Opera Mini to work; it has everything I need.

    BTW, I also use Opera 12.17 on my PC and not switching to the new versions - if I need Google Chrome, I will install Google Chrome, not Chromera, not Operome.

  • hi what's the notification function on the new opera mini update?

  • kpbicmah June 7
    Have you tried up browser & next browser?
    what's that? if you are talking about Opera Mobile and Opera Next (Beta)

    • no, I am not going to use them as neither supports RSS (I mentioned
      this in my comment). UC browser - tried it, think it sucks; Next Browser
      doesn't support RSS either. I just want Opera Mini to work; it has
      everything I need.
      BTW, I also use Opera 12.17 on my PC and not switching to the new
      versions - if I need Google Chrome, I will install Google Chrome, not
      Chromera, not Operome.
      The 1sy line in your orig post, mentioned opera mini & using on android & how it didn't work for you. afaic, opera mini has long become junk, nearly useless junk, as a browser. There are so many things it won't do or won't do right, that it used to be able to do, it's ridiculous. It got worse & worse over time & in last few months, it has become nearly non functional. There are so many sites that it won't even open or function right if it does open, that I had to give up on it almost completely. So I asked you, if you had tried uc browser or next browser. The typo escaped me where it said "up" instead of "uc". I have used uc browser for yrs & it always was pretty good, innovative, and highly functional & laden w/many great features. But what it has become currently is amazingly good as far as my experience w/it. It is easily the best Android mobile browser I've ever used. And everything I try to utilize on it works & works well. It's light yrs ahead of what opera mini Android current state of functionality. I don't know about rss, cuz I've never had the need for that, so I don't know if it has that or not. All I know is that where ever I try to go (almost any site, if not all), it goes there and normally renders the site regardless of how sophisticated the site & renders most if not all of the functionality of all the most current optimizations. I think it has flash and/or some other video protocol that work. It does an excellent job of downloading & handles multiple downloads w/good speed & resume perfectly & it can & does stream anything that is downloadable, e/sh to own streaming function that always works perfectly. Opera mini can't do any of that. It also has compression technology very similar (I thing 80-90 percent) that opera mini has for those that need to save on or use lo bandwidth. It also has a "mini version" (I've never used it yet, as the latest uc browser just seems to do everything I have ever tried to hand it & so it very well. It also has some kind of backup or cloud storage thing built in. It has the nite vision feature that so many asked for so long in mind (no biggy for me). In fact, I may not be a super sophisticated user in terms of business, professional or development, but it is a real good mobile browser, reportedly w/something like 500 mil users & when you ask for help, they respond timely from what I have seen. It has, I think, more features & functions, that really work than any other mobile browser I'm aware of. This is my opinion. I could be wrong, but if so, I'd be very interested to know in what ways it is lacking. They have all sorts of awards as well, from big name concerns. It was for a long time always pretty innovative, but never as good as it is now. I honestly don't think any of other mobile browser for Android can currently hold a candle to it (esp not om). I urge anyone who hasn't checked out the current version for Android in awhile, to do so.. And I have been forced to not bother too much w/opera mini anymore, even tho for several yrs it was a great thing for me (esp when I had a Java phone). Nowadays, there are so many url's that I cannot even get to open w/opera opera mini & many that do open, will not function or render correctly as they're intended to. And downloading became useless long ago. And this forum isn't as good as it used to be (I don't even see a reply or quote function) so I only rarely check in to see what's being said & as always, it's mostly just one complaint after another. I have no doubt in my mind that most ppl (or at least many) can have a much easier richer experience by giving uc browser a try.

    As to next browser, I only recently discovered it & it seems to work decently & has stability. It also has flash or h.264 or whatever.... (videos always seem to work & any sites that won't open in om, or rendering issues, work just fine there).

    Thanx to opera mini for all the good use I got out of it w/old flip feature phone & then later w/a Java phone, but after 6 or 6.1 things went steadily downhill & then worse once I moved into Android. If there are some Android phone users who feel they are still getting good use out of om, glad to hear it, but I don't see how. And I would love to know what is wrong with uc, that so far has escaped me... It seems to me to be a world class product.

  • Oh & I meant to add... that if you Google "RSS in UC browser", there are many references to the browser having RSS, but I don't see it in the current new version I'm using, so I'm not sure if, how, where it might be there if it indeed is, but again, many references to RSS in UC, if u do a search. If they had it b4, and do not only w why they wouldn't now? I noted that they showed a little "open book" icon for RSS in the search bar area, but I don't see it in mine? To add, I don't understand how a browser like mini, which currently cannot deal w/many many sites, correctly or at all in many cases (at least not from my phone), can continue to use it, especially, if you are bringing in lots of news, etc, sites, via RSS.

  • Nowurtalking, thanks for the many letters. 🙂 I do agree UC browser is good, but I am quite happy with android's standard browser for browsing, and for the few things it can't handle, my phone has Chrome preinstalled. And even though Opera Mini is crap, there are still things I like about it, like Opera Link (syncing passwords, bookmarks, etc. with the desktop version and with Opera Mini for BlackBerry, which I had been using for years before plunging into the realm of green robots) and RSS. What really vexes me is not the bug in OM (every piece of software gets bugs from time to time), but the fact that Opera staff are not answering users' voes. I could tolerate that when I was on the BB, which was never mainstream, but for Android, I believe they should be more responsive. Even worse, I sent a copy of my post to, which is listed in Play Store, and that wasn't answered either. Screw that attitude, I'm now officially looking for a decent RSS reader. 😞

  • It's "nowurtalkin"...(no g). As to "many letters" to you, I believe I had only replied to you twice, the 1st one being less than a full line.. Now you say UC browser is good, but your 1st comment was: "UC browser - tried it, think it sucks;..", so that's quite the 180...

    Again, re: RSS reader, apparently at least some versions were reported to have it. Maybe they dropped it in the latest versions. I noted there were many RSS readers available in the droid store, as I looked there to see perhaps if there was an add-on for it for UC browser. That's another of the innumerable features & functions of UC browser, add-ons. The 9.8 (maybe there's 9.9 now?) I have is the best thing I've ever seen in a mobile Android browser.

    Lastly, the small brush off you lent to om, ie, "a bug", is to me a gross missing of how truly poor it has become. There are more sites that om will not open or not properly handle, than they do, BY FAR! ... and that is only a fraction of what it can't or no longer can do, as a mobile Android browse. Used to be I couldn't find anything better, now I can't find anything worse. Incidentally, I just noticed that w/o me turning anything specially on or off...UC browser reports to me that it saved me 94%, overall, in bandwidth. WOW!

    Just look at the posts from start til now, on this new forum, and it was the same going way back on the old. And the lack of support, to the level of rude imo, has been pretty much what they have long served up (or I should say, not served up).

    from what I read in your post, simply continue to use the elements of om that you enjoy & you say your well equipped for the rest. And since om has the RSS, you're all set methinks... Om mini never was nor intended to be, a full service browser. Technically, it's not really a browser anyway, but more of an .obml reader. It's just sooo fallen apart, from its earlier capabilities.

    Good luck

  • has none to rival when it comes to mobile for most people. i love it. however, i expect better computerized interent service from it. hope, days are not long ahead!


  • Opera mini won't connect to the internet. I uninstalled it then reinstalled it. Same problem. I then used the "normal" android browser and UCS then Noat then Chrome. They all work fine. Why is Opera mini not working? All I get is "Cannot connect to the server".

  • @rabindroy:
    " has none to rival when it comes to mobile for most people."

    • well then you must have knowledge that Omini has more than 500 million users, as UC browser does...(?). Personally, I highly doubt that is currently the case. As I noted, a simple perusal of the commentary, from start til now, on this board... as well as for a very long time on the previous iteration of board, clearly does not even come close to reflecting a user base attitude, that feels it's the best. Esp not in the last year or two. Thousands of complaints & very little overall praise. And many of the same repeating complaints. I can't help but venture, or at least wonder... that if you think it's the best thing going, as you said, what other browsers, up to date now, that your have given a serious look at or tested...?

    "... i love it. however, i expect better computerized interent service from it.
    hope, days are not long ahead!"

    • I cannot even understand the above statement (...expect better computerized interent service...)??? If by that, you mean opera mini's working w/the Internet, well, isn't that the main function of a browser? Or if you mean opera working w/your computer, then you are talking about a diff subject than opera mini browser for Android.

    As I basically asked b4, what can om Android do that UC browser can't do? (the only thing I know of relates to RSS not available but is in some versions). Better yet, what can om Android not do that UC browser can? That... is a very long list & includes many very important functions.

  • @lost in...part 2:

    I suggest checking your settings & network test. You m get also note what your device is as well as versions, etc. Then some techy might help you to connect. I would be curious also, to know that since you can connect w/UC browser & assuming you have a very recent version (like 9.8) of it....for what specifically, would you be looking to omini to do for you, over & above UC?

    Appreciate knowing ans to same... Thx

  • This crummy forum doesn't even seem to have a basic edit function.. In my msg above, it should've read :

    "You might also note... "

  • @bpydzinski
    "the site im using is forgotten tales forums Forgotten Tales"

    • I tried to go to this site & below is the only thing available. There is nothing else to go to, link to, or see... just:
      New forum
      1 Posts 1 Topics
      Latest post from compbatant, on Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:18 pm
    • that's it...!!?? Not even the supposed 1 post (wow, awesome forum..)

    This is what you get these days, if your lucky, with om...bcuz in many cases, all you get is a blank page w/the Addy at the top. (some sites work... I est about 40-50% these days. That is using a quite capable Android phone w/ver 4.0.3. And in many other sites, which do open, rendering is so bad it's ridiculous. And many times I now discover extremely important content is not even there that should be & I would never even know it, had I not intuitively checked using other browsers... "best mobile browser for most people" (another poster's comment..) ........ Yeah, RIGHT! ... gimme a break...

  • I posted a reply to you earlier. Now I see it didn't even post. Part for course. I told you that if you go to settings & if you have advanced on menu, there is the switch for notifications. I presume that's for rcvg notification/alerts of something you subscribed to here? Not sure. I also had mentioned that I thought there was a manual around here somewhere that should explain it. Well, here's the link to it, but waste of time... When you go the section in the so called manual, for "advanced settings" it simply skips over that part, w/no explanation whatsoever (oh duh).

  • @nowurtalkin, sorry for misspelling your name. 🙂 by 'many letters' I mean 'letters' as 'symbols' or 'characters' (your second post was quite long, which I appreciate).

    UC is good [for browsing], but it sucks [for RSS], that's what I was trying to say. So it's not exactly 180 degrees. 🙂

    Regarding OM and its RSS reader - I can't use it, that's the problem. I can install it but it has to connect to the Internet on the first run, and that attempt never goes through. Same as @lostinspacepart2 (hope I spelt that correctly) reports. I did describe my problem in detail in my first post, but no techie came around to help.

    Years ago I remember having the same problem on Symbian devices. I was working for a mobile operator then, and our Internet connection was over satellite, which was terribly slow. When I asked our IT department for logs from our Internet gateway server, I could see that OM timed out before the IP address of whatever server it was trying to 'phone home' to could be resolved. Changing DNS settings on the phone to one of the root DNS servers saved the day back then. That is why I started messing with DNS settings this time.

    P.S.: and @rabindroy is just a spammer (an irrelevant post with an irrelevant link). I was going to say this lousy forum doesn't even have a 'flag' feature, but then I noticed a grey gear icon on grey background. 😕 Given Opera team's response speed, I doubt these posts will ever be taken down, though.

  • Re: rabindroy, I have to agree on the irrelevant content & the link. I'm not quite sure if he constitutes a real spammer or just more confused & knowledge lack no than me..

    I noted you said your issue was like lostinspace2, but he sounds like he has a basic no connection issue whereas I thought (maybe misstakenly) that you explained that your issue was pretty much RSS not connecting (as in a separate event/function, separate from om's ability to connect to net. That's how I read it from you. Sorry if I misunderstand. But it does sound to me like he just can't to net period & I didn't notice him talking about RSS & it also sounds do to me as tho you indeed can connect to the Internet, but per your explanation, RSS doesn't get its handshaking done quick enuff or something & is thus passed over?

    I've never used RSS except for testing it out once or twice, so I don't know much about it or how it works, but as the name implies, it's simple connection back to a news service or I guess just about anything (?) which is linked to & pushes it's corresponding headlines especially to you, which if I have that grasped correctly, I can see how you find that pretty convenient & time saving....

    I wonder if in lieu of an om fix to this issue for you, you could just install one now those numerous standalone RSS apps that I mentioned to you earlier?? Lots of them in the store. Is there some reason one of those would significantly lack for you?

    Also, do you know who Dennis Bournique (?) is? I am pretty sure he would be the one to understand this & give you a solution if one exists. He hangs around here sometimes but has a blog to solve these opera issues, as well as some other browsers...

    If you need it I might have a link to him I could give you. I think he is your best bet.

    But there are most definitely major connection problem issues more recently with om, no doubt to about that. I'm constantly getting connection errors initially & also getting kicked off from connections ALOT! and that does not happen with any of the other browsers I have. Have you tried a bug report (if they still have that?). Dennis is the way to go.

  • Here you go.. Post your issue here & if he doesn't know, I think no one does.

  • I had made 1 or 2 comments after the last one. I came back here to 1) see if) Kpbicmah checked w/Dennis Bournique re his om issues & 2) to see if there were any comments about what to expect from the new update to mini Android. So nothing on either one of those things and to top it off my comment(s) which were on pg 2, are now gone, vanished, nada. Really something, this browser & this forum......<sighs>

    p.s. for the record, I pushed button to post this & it gave me a blank composition box & no post made. Lovely thing this opera meany... Lemme give it about 42 more tries.....

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