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  • I just installed opera 20 with hope and excitement but it seems lack all for what I valued it so much for so many years:

    1. one-key shortcuts don't work (4 = minimise)
    2. shortcuts ctrl+NUMBER don't work on speed dial to pick one of the saved pages
    3. no possibility to modify mouse gestures (I'd like gesture up to close the tab)

    Or am I just looking for these settings in the wrong places?


  • Single-key shortcuts can be enabled in Settings: Enable Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts.

    The others are not available. Maybe one day, then I might start thinking about using Opera 25 or whatever.

  • Thanks a bunch for prompt reply!

    One-key shortcuts... that's right. Though 4=minimise is not available. Minimise as windows+M is v. cumbersome

    BTW, do you know a way to change CTRL+TAB so that it does not cycle through all tabs but goes directly to the one last opened?

    Best regards,

  • Yea, why dosen't ctrl+number work? 😞
    and also the CTRL+TAB goes to last opened..

    That was the 2 main reasons i used opera 😕

  • Tab Cycling can be changed by going to opera:flags.

    The Ctrl # shortcuts cannot be assigned for now.

    Customising the GUI is the #1 reason I do not use Opera 20 yet, though there are other reasons. Maybe by Christmas.

  • I use a Chrome extension called Pig Toolbox to get all these features. Takes a while to set it up, but after that I have most of my Opera 12.16 workflow back and some extra. It has some features I would have really enjoyed in opera back in the day, like the thing they call super gestures or a context menu for selected text that allows you to translate selections and read them out to you. Honestly, the best extension I ahve ever used. It really transforms the browsers that can use it.
    The only reason I am using Opera instead of Chrome is because I like the design a bit better. Without this extension I would have switched. And in case a future update breaks compatibility without adding something substantial like fully customisable mouse gestures I will happily make Chrome my main browser.

    EDIT: Interesting... A recent Chrome update has broken compatibility.
    So now this Chrome extension works better with Opera than with Chrome... I guess once Opera does something similar I am screwed. Better look for Firefox extensions.