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Opera Mini 13 for iOS released!

  • Oddly, a day or two ago, my Mini (iOS 9.3.5 13G36 and Mini has begun using a smaller font in Mini mode, but not in Turbo mode.

    So far as I know, I didn't do anything to make this happen.

    I'd love to get it back to it's usual font size; my eyes aren't too bad, but they're not too good either...


  • I am now using OPERA-Mini 14.0 on my iPad but LASTPASS doesn't work for most sites.
    When I hit "Share" in the main menu, the LASTPASS icon is there, but when I use it it says:


    This happens all the time when I try to log in in any of my accounts.
    What am I doing wrong here ???

  • With the last update in June 2016, is Opera Mini for iOS still in development ? would be about time when compared to Opera Mini for Android.

  • Agreed with Wegglined. Opera for iOS is too old compared with version for Android and working very bad. Development is closed?

  • They were testing a new browser for IOS but even that seems stalled.

  • not much perspective for putting any more money, work and effort into opera/opera mini for ios, when globally apple's market share is constantly falling, while android keeps growing even in absolute numbers.

    outside the us is where opera really shines, on cheapo devices, slow and expensive mobile data rates and sparse wifi coverage.

  • Well, actually the Android version is quite a desaster as well, just look at the Playstore review of the last couple of weeks.
    Or if you're brave, try the latest version for yourself, it certainly didn't change for the better...

  • It would be nice if the title actually reflected Mini for iOS v 14, as released back in June of 2016.

    I'd love to see some action on iOS. The beta browser was so unstable, I stopped using it. And I missed night mode.

    Any beta action I should be aware of? I haven't seen anything in testflight in ages; maybe they don't like me anymore.

    Just feeling sorta lonely...


  • Is there going to be an update to Opera Mini for ios any time soon?

  • Apparently we're up to v16 for ios. This sticky seems a little old...


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