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why did extreme compression get so slow?

  • Since a long time now I noticed that Opera Mini got pretty slow in the extreme compression mode, if I set it to high it loads much faster. Whats wrong there?

  • It's pretty fast on my sites. Do you mean any particular sites here?

  • No it's a general experience for me.

  • You shall write more details, I guess, like your country, operator and phone model. Opera people patrol the forums, that might be useful information for them.

  • @nupsie, as smyru said, it would be great if you shared more information: what country are you from, what is your mobile operator, what kind of connection do you have (2G, 3G, WiFi, LTE) and which version on Opera Mini do you use?

  • Country is Germany, the other stuff doesn't really seem relevant. Since I already said "high compression" is faster than extreme, that means it's not a connection issue on my site. Its also noticeable on LTE and WIFI connected to a landline.

    And of course I`m using the newest regular version. Anything out of normal I would have mentioned.

  • Maybe I could clear out the apps data after the many updates I have gone through, but I'm not really in the mood to loose all my 100 newsfeeds.

  • I'm sure that's transitory.

  • Actually knowing your operator is relevant for us, as for some operators we have different configuration (which should not lead to decreased performance, but the bugs are always possible).

    I ask you to report a bug from your phone on
    You will receive an e-mail with confirmation and your bug report ID. Then everytime you encounter slow connection please open "debug:" URL, enter your bug ID at the bottom and submit. This way we will receive some useful information about the server you are connected to and your configuration.

    Thank you for reporting your problems to us, I hope it will help us in resolving performance issues you and others encounter.

  • Ok will do.