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  • I started getting constant freezes after v.30. SM-900A on Android 5.1.1 here.

  • Yes, absolutely agree, the last great was v 30.0.1856.93524. With each another version is freezing often and often. I'm still on version 30 and always impatiently, already more than half year, waiting stable version. V. 36 is totally unusable. Here is Samsung S4 LTE, i9305, Android 4.4.2.
    Hope, developers will repair this issue as soon as possible. Than You in advance.

  • I'm waiting too. v36 is better than v35 because it does not freeze often but the video still freeze when the connection is lost.

    btw, i don't like moderators because they are not social and do absolutely nothing at all. i just want to contact the developers directly

  • i just want to contact the developers directly

    That's not possible.

  • lel

  • lel

    Please don't hate us. We moderators have no participation in any of the development, we have no affiliation to Opera (not employed by them)... We are here as volunteers to help enforce the forum rules and keep the things organized. Just so you know... So sorry we can't solve this kind of problem. I have problems with some freezings as well.

    More on that: I do send them a bug report when I see an issue widely reported in the forums and it feels useful to include forum links, but my report is not different than anyone's report made through the bug report wizard.

  • Ok. How can i view my own bug report status? is there any public bug report sites i can get in?

  • Ok. How can i view my own bug report status? is there any public bug report sites i can get in?

    You can't, Opera's BTS is not public.

  • 😞 Firefox and Chrome are public. i uninstalled Opera for now.

  • Seems the last 36.2.2126.102826 from 27th April works great without any freezing. Tested one day. Hope it will continue without any problem.
    Thank for developers! Keep on going for us so great work.

  • For me both, beta and non-beta versions, freeze and crash 😕

  • For me, only video buffering cause freezing

  • Only video buffering on YouTube with two different devices in my case.

  • Froze today while in sync with a PC that had about 20 tabs open.

  • Freezing frequently on LG G4.

  • After several days still no frezinng here. Samsung S4, Android 4.4.2 . Didn't find any more problem.

  • Even now (opera 37) or then I'm unable to reproduce this issue on a Chinese Tablet running Android 4.4 (I think 4.4.4 is still in first dev tier). At first run (session) Opera browser may have more than 300MB in cached processes on heavy load and after recalculation up to 270MB for 9 open tabs (max cache when Opera Turbo is on). Running low Opera consume 100MB cached and 10 MB from real RAM (as per 1GB RAM) so Opera browser may work properly on devices with 400MB free RAM + @300MB fee USB storage and minimal requirement must be 150MB free RAM (at least 20MB for Google processes + other stuff).