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Opera 12 and website compatibility

  • Hi,
    I'm using Opera 12.16, and it seems like website compatibility get worse by the day. I'll have to make a list now of the sites that affect me, but I wonder if anyone else has discovered this in the last months. I usually have had no trouble using Opera, but it seems you have to use Chrome, the new Opera, or Firefox to browse many sites. These are the ones I have at the top of my head:

    • Youtube

    Terrible lag/freezing after yet another redesign early 2014. It was discussed in the previous forum, and there was a fix involving hiding the subscriptions, which was in a hidden menu.

    • Most pages with fixed elements

    Sadly, this is a trend that won't stop. Web designers think people can't be bothered to go to the top of the page themselves, so they put fixed headers, menus and God knows what else all around the page. It is initially a lot more laggy on Opera < 12 than other browsers, but it gets much worse when you zoom in, like I use to do since the text often is too small.

    No media buttons or navigation bar appear. Try in other browser to compare

    Under the description of pic 1, there is supposed to be a "read more" link (if you don't stretch the window all the way across), and the box is supposed to pop up and show you all the text.

  • A year, in Internet/technology terms, can be a very long time... and it's been well over a year since anything 'creative' has been done to Presto Opera. 12.15/16 were merely security updates; 12.14 was essentially a minor feature update... and one probably needs to go back almost 2 years to find any major changes to the Presto Opera browser. That means much in the Internet world has moved on during the meantime, and it especially means that website coders are paying virtually no attention to Presto compatibility any more, even compared with what little Presto compatibility testing they may have done in the "old days".

    Frankly, Opera will probably not have to officially "kill" 12.16 (and earlier) versions - those will simply die a natural death for most users, which is what you're already seeing signs of. At some point, Old Opera will necessarily have to be relegated by its remaining users to a backup or 'curiosity' browser, for reliable usage with only a handful of relatively simple or "fixed" sites. The sooner that users find workable (for them) replacement strategies, whether New Opera or some other browser brand, the sooner those users will become adapted to the necessary changes and browsing will return to a new kind of normalcy.

  • Thanks. I see what you're saying.

  • Hi, I'm using Opera 12.16

    12.16 has a broken website compatibility. If you prefer Opera/Presto, use 12.14. Details:

  • I would agree with @stng on trying 12.14 before giving up completely on Old Opera. It seems to cause some users fewer incompatibility problems than 12.15+.

  • Cheers, I will try that. Didn't know the old threads (or some of them) got imported over to here, that's good 🙂