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Sync bookmarks into unsorted folder

  • I would like to sync my Chrome bookmarks to Opera, but I don't want them to be in the folder it calls Imported From Chrome. I want them to all (folders included) to be in the bookmarks of Opera as if they had all been visited and added by Opera. Having bookmarks that I add to Opera from Opera, AND a whole other folder of bookmarks and folders from another browser is just to cluttered and inefficient. I can't seem to drag and drop them (unless I'm missing something obvious...), so is there some way of integrating all of my bookmarks into just one place? I'm using the latest version of Opera (it says 35 in the About section)

  • You can't sync your bookmarks from other browsers with Opera, you can just import them.

    And they will be imported to an "imported from ..." folder. You can move them to another folder later.

  • Download JsonEditor


    On Opera:

    Go to address bar & type: Opera://About Copy the path to the profile.

    Close Opera

    On Windows:

    Go to Explorer & go to the Opera profile path.

    Find & Backup Opera Bookmarks File


    Go to Profile path according to google:
    (Don't know, I use Google Chrome Portable)

    Standard: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\

    Fallback: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application

    On Windows:

    Go to profile path in Explorer

    If FallBack use:Win+R > %AppData% (AppData it's hidden)

    Find & Backup Chrome Bookmarks File

    On Chrome:

    "Disconect from Sync to do not mess with your Bookmarks".

    (To keep all bookmarks together for a fast move)
    Create a new folder, for example "Chrome Bookmarks" and put all your folders and bookmarks inside.

    Back to Explorer Chrome path:

    Find & Backup Chrome Mod Bookmarks File

    Open JsonEditor

    Open Chrome Bookmarks File.
    Go to Other |"Children" Find Chrome Bookmarks folder, copy "Number" "As Node"

    Open Opera Bookmarks File.
    Paste copied as "Sibling" in UserRoot which looks as "My Folders" or whatever other folder

    (After that in Opera you are able to move them where you want)

    "Save file without extension"

    Save it, go to Opera folder and rename it deleting extension .json


    Open Opera with the new Bookmarks file

    Just checked and it works.


    Just put the Original Bookmarks file

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