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Page crashed error from Opera 35 onwards on OS X 10.11.3

  • Hey all,

    I opened this thread as no one else seems to be experiencing what I am experiencing. Essentially, as the title suggests, any Opera version, whether Stable, Beta, or Developer, beyond version 35 does not work for me. I receive a Page crashed error on every tab, even if I try to go to Settings or About. I have done numerous clean installs, checked for malware/viruses, and can only conclude that it is some problem my computer has with version 35, as version 34 works.

    Previously I had used Opera Beta, and when that was updated to 35, I had this error. No problem I thought, I'd just go back down to Standard. But now, the in-built auto-updating feature of Opera prevents me from using any Opera build now that version 35 rolled out to Stable editions a few days ago. I have tried the Developer v36, but it also yields the same result. I have since decided to move on to another browser, but I would still be glad to help provide any information that can help the team resolve the issue if possible.

  • Hi @jcr2k1, that sounds absolutely horrible!

    it would help a lot if you could set a 'crash mail address', that way we can look up your crash in our system (if you're OK with that).

    It's done like this (for Opera stable). In a terminal, type:

    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPCrashEmail

    Replace with something and tell us what you've used. It doesn't have to be your real address, as long as you tell us which address you've used we'll be able to look it up.

    Then as soon as you get the page crash, a report should be sent to us, and we should be able to look it up. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi avl, thanks for taking the time to read and reply!

    I have done as you've instructed with the "email address" being Let me know if the report was sent and if you need further information.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Unfortunately I couldn't find your report yet, could you crash some more? 😃

    In the meantime, I've seen a report of someone on Twitter who seemed to be having the exact same problem as you. For this person it was fixed by re-downloading and re-installing Opera, but as you said you've tried this already and it doesn't work for you. Very strange.

  • Alright, I've tried going to a few websites and crashing some more :p Is there a way to tell that something has been sent out?

    Yeah I'd done all of the steps of completely uninstalling Opera and all but to no avail. Sometimes I feel like this is an OS X 10.11.3 issue, as I had other applications (unrelated to Opera) fail on me or lose certain functionality. I hope it gets resolved somehow.