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Error message "Adobe Reader is out of date" - But it isn't!!!!!

  • Actually, Reader is currently at version 15 on my Windows 7 ...

    Hi sgunhouse, Really? But when I cjick on "Check for updates" it says there are no updates available, I guess I need to get in touch with Adobe about this.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Just as an info: you can edit your posts up to 30 minutes of they have been published.

  • If you're running Windows 7 you can definitely get a new version of Adobe Reader. Uninstall version 9 and go to and download Acrobat Reader DC. The current version of that is 15.010.20056

  • Hi leocg, I can't see any way of editing my posts, perhaps I should use a different browser I can make comments on other websites without any problems. 😕

    ** Silly me; I've just noticed the faint cog next to the quote mark under the silhouette. **

  • Actually, Reader is currently at version 15 on my Windows 7 ...

    I can only see 11 for Windows XP (in Firefox).

  • Actually, Reader is currently at version 15 on my Windows 7 ...

    I can only see 11 for Windows XP (in Firefox).

    That's the newest version for XP.

    The newer ones have a minimum OS version of 7.

  • Hi Pete8475, I've just had a look on Adobe's site. The Adobe Reader versions that are available are:

    DC 2015.010.20056
    DC 2015.010.010

    (UK English)

    I've downloaded DC2015.010.20056 and am about to install it. I use Windows 7 OS.

  • It sounds like you're downloading the newest one.

    When you run the "check for updates" thing in Reader DC is where you'll see the 15.010.20056 version number. In the about Adobe Reader page it displays 2015.010.20056

  • Hi Pete8475, You are correct, I've installed it and now I can view pdf files on-line with Adobe Reader - and it displays the page quickly unlike Chrome Reader which spends an interminable amount of time loading. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    To anyone reading this and wanting to install Adobe Reader; BE CAREFUL: It'll try and install Google Chrome and make it your default browser so make sure you untick that option.

    Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. What threw me was when I checked for updates on Adobe 10 - it said there were none available. (???).

  • Just an aside for people still using Windows XP, the very last version of Adobe Reader you can use at present is 11.0.14. Whether there will be any more updates to Reader 11 I don't know.
    You will have to find it here and download and install it manually, as no automatic updates have been offered on XP systems for quite some time, and earlier versions of Reader 11 will be reported as being up to date.