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Javascript is not working in Opera

  • I am developing a site and everything (including javascript) works perfect in Firefox 32.0 and Chromium 28.0. I have not tested in IE coz am on an Ubuntu 13.04 machine. I tested in Opera 12.16 and suddenly my javascript doesn't work.

    Javascript is checked in opera preferences and all my external jquery and javascript scripts have the type="text/javascript" part. Still no good. I have commented out all my external script files including jquery and then added a <script type="text/javascript"> alert('JS working'); </script> in the head. Still no good. Alert working in Firefox and Chrome but not in Opera.

  • Opera 12 has problems now with some javascript, as can be seen on many websites.
    Is it's not being supported any more, this will not be fixed.
    If your scripts work in the current Opera, as they should if they work on Chrome, I wouldn't worry about it.
    Sadly Opera 12 is now an obsolete browser.

  • Opera 12 is several years out of date. It was first released in July of 2012. That makes it older than Internet Explorer 10. You can't expect and out of date piece of software like 12 to work with the same webpages as current releases. Test your page in Opera 34 and it should work.

  • Check site prefernces in Opera12 - you probably have disabled javascript for your site somehow. Opera12 is able to run plain javascript very well, most of jQuery works either.