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  • I installed Opera a few days ago and am so delighted with it that I have made it my default browser.

    I have been with Google Chrome for many years and still use it. Opera is fast and almost identical to Chrome in many ways. My Bookmarks bar is now set exactly the same as Chrome in Opera. Operation with Opera is better. I am greatly impressed.

    Question ?

    I installed an Opera extension to get extensions from the Chrome web store -
    Download Chrome Extension
    Version 2.2.4

    But the icon will not appear on the URL bar like others have done.
    How can I get this icon to show ? Or do I need it, just visit the web store and carry on ?

  • Afaik that extension doesn't have an icon to be shown in the extensions bar.

    Or do I need it, just visit the web store and carry on ?

    Yep, that's it. Just note that Chrome extensions are not officially supported by Opera, so even with that extension there may be Chrome extensions that will not work in Opera.

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