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Opera keeps resetting after i restarted/turned off my laptop

  • New profile as in another account or reinstalling it again?

    Find the profile folder in "About Opera" then go there using Windows Explorer and rename the folder. It you make Opera create another one with default settings.

  • And yeah, it's just keep resetting back to the default look every time I restarted/turned off my laptop.

    And does it also happens if you just close and reopen Opera?

  • Oh, okay then...
    And yes, it also happens when i close and reopen Opera.

  • Okay so i already tried to make another profile and it still happens.

  • Do you use any programs that may be resetting Opera's settings?

  • Like what for example? I don't use other browser other than Opera (Probably Chrome/Edge but I never use it)
    Maybe an antivirus? I only have Malwarebytes and Eset installed. should I whitelist it or something?
    And I don't remember installing any "weird" programs because this happens after I reset/format my laptop.

  • Like what for example?

    Like CCleaner or any others that may clear data from programs.

    Maybe an antivirus? I only have Malwarebytes and Eset installed. should I whitelist it or something?

    Do they run in background? If so, try disabling them for a while and see if it makes any difference.

    Btw, is Opera's profile folder writable? You can, for example, save a file there?

  • Oh, i didn't install any kind off "cleaner" program.
    Well, I installed Opera in the C drive so it's writable, i guess...
    And i think they do run in background, i'll try disabling it and get back to you later.

  • Well, it still acting up. maybe i should un/reinstall the antivirus?

  • Well, I installed Opera in the C drive so it's writable, i guess

    Have you checked? Remember to check the profile folder, where Opera stores its settings, and not the install folder.

  • Yep, The profile one which is in C:\Users\something\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable right?
    It's writable.

  • Ok then. Just to cover all bases, can you try to save a page in there using Opera?

  • Yes I can save there, even copy and paste.

  • Ok, let's try one more thing: Download, if needed, latest Opera and run Opera's installer, click on "options" and change the "install for" option to standalone/usb (you may need to change the install path).

    Open that Opera, change a few settings and check if the changes are kept when you close Opera.

  • Ok, so I reinstall Opera and install it as you said and now I install it on the D drive, then after I tried restarting my laptop it kept the settings so I guess it's fixed now. Thank you so much for helping. 🙂
    Oh and I wanna ask, is this some kind of a bug or something?

  • So the problem seems to be access to users/username/appdata/roaming/opera software/opera stable as you are able to save your settings with the profile folder placed somewhere else.

  • Oooh so that's why, okay then.
    Again, thank you so much for helping me.

  • Yeah, i still have the same problem. I'm running Windows 10 Pro AU x64. I tried Opera Stable & Beta, but everytime i restart Opera, I'm logged out of all websites and also all plugin settings are gone..

  • Can you please check Settings > Privacy & Security, scroll to the 'Cookies' section and make sure that you have the setting "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" enabled? If it is so, perhaps there is an issue with saving your profile data - then perhaps steps as indicated above would help.

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