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Can I change the size of the email panel containing "Subject", "To", "Date", etc.?

  • The email panel above the text, containing "Subject", "Date", "To", etc. is 1.5 inches high. If I include the 1/2" panel above it that has "Reply" etc. icons, it is 2". I can change the font to tiny, and it makes little difference. It is a big waste of space. By comparison, the Thunderbird panel, containing all that, is only 1". Is there any way to change this.

    If there is none, then I'll quit wasting my time hunting for it, but it sure is frustrating. I can't believe that there is no way. You should be able to click on an edge and adjust it, but I'd be also happy if there is a more complex way!!

    I am running MEPIS11 on an ASUS motherboard.

    Thank you for any help.

  • Can't you just drag it? If you put your mouse on the boundary between the last item on the list and the toolbar below that, it should change to a drag cursor (Windows uses a 2-headed arrow), which you can then drag up or down to resize the list.

    If for some reason that doesn't work, you can change it in opera:config as well - well, I presume you mean in Opera 12.x or earlier. Copy the text below and paste it into the address bar:


    The highlighted entry takes an integer which is considered as a fraction of 65535, so for example 16384 would be 1/4 of the pane being used for the list. When you make any change in opera:config you have to scroll to the end of the section to click on Save, and even then you may need to restart the browser.

    Additionally, you could set some of the toolbars to show icons only or text only to see if that will make the toolbar smaller.

  • Oh wait, you meant the mail headers didn't you? You can remove a few fields you don't use, or you can turn it off entirely.

  • Download this archive page and open it to see the directions for removing the pin button and padding. It's about all you can do.

  • Thanks for your replies, sgunhouse and burnout! I'm sorry, I goofed! I searched for, but didn't find the correct name for the panel I'm asking about, so I lead you astray. It's the bar that sits between the email list and the email text when the layout is with the email list above, and the email text below. There are actually 2 bars joined together. The top one (~1/2" wide) has the icons for things like "Reply", "Forward", "Spam", "Delete", "Label", etc., and the bottom one (~1 1/2" wide) is customizable to accept things from the header like "Subject, To, From, Date, CC, Bcc, Reply-To" Etc. Yes, I have no problem dragging these bars up and down to make the text panel taller or shorter, and vice-versa for the list panel.

    I looked for some place that would allow me to define the space above and below each line of text, like you can do in a word processor, but found none. If what I'm looking for can't be done, then I can quit wasting my time looking, and being frustrated that I can't find it. But it's quite a bit of space to waste.

    Oh, my Opera is 12.16. Thanks again!

  • Ohhh! I can't edit these can I? I should have said these panels are ~1/2" TALL, and ~1 1/2" TALL! (Not Wide!) Sorry! I was thinking of them being ~12" "long" and ~1 1/2" "wide". I don't want to cause more confusion.

  • Oh, we understood that part. The big one is properly called the Mail Header toolbar (it's the toolbar used to display mail headers).

    If there are fields you don't need shown, you can right-click on it and choose Customize. This brings up a list of all available headers with checkboxes to indicate whether that field should be displayed - clear the boxes on any you don't want.

  • sgunhouse said:
    "If there are fields you don't need shown, you can right-click on it and choose Customize."

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I have done that. I am now realizing that if I only use "Subject" and "Date" and could make the "Subject" font smaller, it would fit on the same line as the "Date", and that would reduce the vertical width to 1". Do you know how to make the font smaller? Note that there is no help by turning off "Subject" because it then says "No Subject", and still takes up the space.

  • Sorry. In an earlier version you could control the font size - well, "large" versus "small" anyway - but in 12 you can't.