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Address bar in fullscreen mode and problem with text fields

  • Is there a way to access the address bar in fullscreen mode?
    I'm pretty annoyed by this. When I open a new tab in the 'normal' display mode, the address bar is automatically focussed. I can just type a way to search or type in a web address. No need to click anywhere, press tab or do anything. STreamlined browsing. Perfect.
    In fullscreen mode it's not there. And there doesn't seem to be a way to access it in any way. It makes the fullscreen mode just annoying to use. I have to click in the search box or press tab four times if I'm not using a mouse at that moment, which, of course only allows me to use the basic search. I can't use my custom search engines or any advanced features of the address bar.

    It seems to me that this should be pretty easy to fix. In mobile browsers the address bar usually vanishes in fullscreen mode when I scroll down a bit and appears once I'm at the top of the page. Why is something like this not available in a desktop browser?
    I drag my cursor to the top of the window and the address bar drops down. When I lower it down below the bar it vanishes again. Should be possible, right? And by offering some display options, the bookmarks bar could also drop down along with it.

    Also, why do text boxes not accept the first input? When I switch tabs and come back here to continue typing, the first button press is not recognised.

  • Which version of Opera are you using?

    In fullscreen mode, you can always select some text and use Search or Search with.

    In Opera 12 or earlier, F2 will bring up the Go to Page dialogue, where you can type or select a previously used URL. It's also possible to configure it with the address bar visible in Fullscreen mode. I have a shortcut (a, b) to show the address bar — that works to toggle it in fullscreen mode or windowed mode.

  • I use Opera 20. Not everything I look for is in the text I am reading. And the most aggravating detail about this design flaw is the new tab anyway. If you don't want to go to one of your Speed Dial pages or search, fullscreen mode is completely useless. You can't access your bookmarks quickly or use other search engines or enter an URL
    I'll just add this to the list of features that have to be added again... It's not getting shorter...