Opera for mac totally defunct

  • Opera opens to the speed dial page but as soon as I hit a link (any link) it just plain crashes and closes. I've clean installed it and the same thing happens - Mac 10.11.2 Opera latest download according to the link. Takes about 5 seconds and it's gone. After many many years of being an Opera fan, I think I have to move on unfortunately (along with all my bookmarks and passwords etc - damn!)

  • Is the same for me, opera browser looks dead.
    I open the browser regularly but after a while, regardless of the research done, it hangs, the ball begins to turn and are forced to close the browser forcibly.

  • Why don't you report this over at the Opera Blogs http://www.opera.com/blogs/desktop/. The Opera team seem to be more active over there.

  • Hi, I have a new iMac with El Capitan 10.11.2 and I downloaded Opera, it is my browser of choice and I am using Opera 34.0 no issues with it so it is not a fundamental issue Opera and OS X 10.11.2.
    You say you have clean installed the Opera, was there a previous version loaded, did you run a clean utility such as Ccleaner, reboot then install Opera? Just a thought.

  • @action49, do you still have this issue? If so, could you describe which Mac you have (info from "About this Mac"), same question for @nellafragale?

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