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  • Hello, excuse me if this problem has been discussed an another time in forum. After one update opera has a issue, sometimes when I open a site (example google) stays blank-white page and cannot see the site. Has anyone the same problem? Thank you

  • I don't have this issue.

    Have you tried if any other browser suffers from the same issue? This could tell if it's a network issue or an Opera issue.

  • Yes I've tried all of my browsers firefox and chrome are ok without problems.

  • In Settings, try changing the hardware acceleration setting. It's under Browser, and is hidden until you enable Advanced settings (which is itself at the bottom under Browser).

  • It was checked the "use hardware acceleration when available", and I unchecked it. I'll have to tested for a while. Thanks sgunhouse for the tip!

  • It's seems to work perfectly now! Suddenly I have a new issue, opera can't save passwords. Ask me to save the password I click yes, but nothing no where saved the password...

  • GNOME? See several threads on that one ...

  • Thank you so much for this thread. Opera became almost unusable for me and i could not figure out what caused the problem. It began with extensions (smartRSS, Pushbullet, some Bookmark extensions) which were not rendered anymore (or just contained strange patterns of the topright area in weird colours), then regular websites were empty as described here and only restarting the browser multiple times helped in a few cases. Now, disabling hardware acceleration did the trick for me, and all the mentioned problems are gone.
    (On Fedora 23, using the russianfedora-RPMs)