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Opera keeps reseting the session

  • Hi everyone,

    I've been using Opera Chromium since v20 or so and since then I keep having various issues on all major OSs.

    On OSX for example I keep loosing my sessions / tabs, including pinned tabs. Opera starts with a new blank window and the Reopen Last Closed Window option is unavailable.

    There are 2 situations:

    1. When I quit Opera but Opera simply keeps running, it shows up in dock, but has no visible window and I cannot use it nor open a new window. In this case if I force-quit Opera I only sometimes get the option to reopen the last closed window.

    2. When I quit Opera, the instance is closed, it does not show up in dock, but there is still a process running. In this case I can open a new window but I always loose the option to reopen the last closed window.

    Any ideas? It drives me insane that this is still here since day 1. Is there any way to at least prevent this or to prevent opening a new window?


  • Hi @daydr3am3r1, how do you quit Opera? Closing the window does not quit Opera on OS X, only quitting it (via 'Opera' -> 'Quit Opera' or using Cmd+Q) does. If you close the window before quitting Opera, it'll start with a clean session, since there was no open window when quitting.

  • Hi @avl - I use Opera -> Quit Opera. Unfortunately, sometimes it just hangs there or some process (maybe plugin) keeps it running in background. If it takes more than 30 seconds to close it, I know I'll loose the session.