I need my @operamail email back

  • Hi there,
    first of all I want you to understand that this is very important to me
    About 10 years ago I had an email address at domain called @operamail.com
    Is it possible to recover the email somehow or to sing up and get a new email address with the same name I used in the past at @operamail.com ?
    Please help 😞
    The email address was used somewhere as a recovery email address and I really need it.
    I could even pay to get access to it, please... or to register new email at domain called @operamail.com

  • I heard that Operamail was moved over to fastmail.com. Try logging into your account from there.

  • I've tried that but it's not recognizing me at all. It's because @operamail.com probably doesn't exist anymore...

    what can I do... ?

  • Sadly, nothing. You're cooked. There was a time that existed for almost a year in which Opera gave people months to move their emails over to new accounts. It appears you were either misinformed or negligent and it's simply too late now.

  • As said, Operamail.com became part of fastmail.fm about 5 years ago.

    If you haven't used your account since then, there is high change that it was deleted.

  • Try at opera.com maybe. I'm here at the forums because I keep getting email in my google account that says my Opera password was reset. But it's always in different languages so I can't read it. But the sender is from noreply@opera.com. Of course you can't use that, but maybe support at opera dot com? Or your names that you remember?

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