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  • I've recently updated my old Opera 12 to the newest brand-new 33 version. I've avoided that for so long after finding the new Opera soo different a couple of years age.
    But eventually I had to jump to it - too many websites didn't work in the old one.
    But I'm really surprised how many features it misses. There are no notes (with all its great functionality), no url/bookmarks nicknames, no tabs stacking, no page contents blocking, no left side bar (F4), it doesn't synchronize with the older versions (however downloaded bookmarks), no gestures, no personal default informations (for forms), just to mention few that I've just seen.
    What happened to the best of browsers - Opera? All those features were the reason that I've (happily) stuck with it for last 15 years. What shall I do now? Are it all going to be re-added?
    I feel like having completely different - and sadly much worse - browser now.
    Opera team - what happened? What's your plans?
    All the best

  • You have several choices. You can add extensions to Opera - each of which will incorporate a now-missing function (like notes), you can post suggestions to add the missing elements to Opera and await their possible (but not necessarily likely) inclusion, you can adapt your usage patterns to work around the missing functions, or you can switch browsers to something containing more of the built-in functions you seek (Vivaldi, Otter, Firefox, etc) at the possible cost of something else (resources, stability, familiarity, etc). I won't recommend a path, because each user is different, both in what functionality they feel they need and what their temperament can accommodate. But I will say that I use multiple browser brands on my systems, simply because no one current browser supplies all my wants/needs for all types of my browsing.

  • Opera does have sidebar
    ctrl+shif+S or from O menu > extensions > sidebar

    sidebar extensions link

  • Let's fix the search, hey, downtown people!

    Yes, we've had such discussions already, and there are one or two recent threads just like this.
    But I'll tell you what?
    Let's fix it to the top - a pinned thread. No kidding: it won't mess with the recent posts nor do any bad - on the contrary, everybody'll see it, read it, no more such threads anymore 😛

    I reiterate - I'm not kidding, let's fix it to the top: good title, a monkey starter, elaborated arguments, etc. :idea:

    And you, Witkacy! You're a monkey - till now didn't bother to visit here to read about this nuOpera? Shame on you 😛 I'm no nuOpera user, never will I surmise, but I'm here and have been here, read all this-n-that - that's why I refuse so far, BTW. What about you? Where've you been since last year? 🙂

  • As Blackbird has advised, you have several options before you. I would simply add that your best course of action, in my view, is to explore the extensions and see which you can add to regain the lost functionality of Opera 12. I'm sure you'll discover that most of your complaints have solutions if you do some digging.

  • If certain sites don't work, what I do is open them inside opera with IE. No need to switch to new opera or anything else

  • Actually, there is a concern for security in using the older browser. Personally, I make certain my browsers, all programs and of course my OS is up-to-date and current. Using a browser that has not been worked on in several years could put one at a security risk.

  • Guys

    I've found much more things that are missing or not working any more. Plugins doing similar things are working differently or not exists at all. Also plugins as external software can not be as quick and as stable as a part of original browser. They are also not as safe and as trusted.

    Maybe current browser is not so bad and certain things does better than Opera (it's few years newer) but come on, don't call it Opera any more. This is different browser. By doing the trick of changing browser and keeping the name you've blocked some talented developer to pick up this great project in the future.

    By the way - does 'show certificate details' crashes your browser too? I can not even mark my own certificates as trusted.

  • It's still the same company producing the browser so yes... it most definitely IS Opera. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. Migrate over to that half-baked browser suite Vivaldi where I'm sure you'll find something familiar at first and then discover that it is not ready for prime time nor will it be for a long time to come. I like the new Opera browser and believe the company is finally heading in the right direction.

  • I like it, that's a reason I've wrote here - because I care what happened with it. I have to stick with few years old version though, without perspective that it will ever be continued.