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Opera Mini 8 for Java and BlackBerry

  • Finally, the good news that all of you have waited for: Opera Mini 8 is here!

    The most noticeable change is that the skin has gotten a total overhaul. We wanted to get away from the dark skin in previous versions and make it more modern and pleasing to look at.

    Then, we have added private browsing feature (like in Opera Mini 4.5). When you enable this feature in settings, the UI will turn dark to show that you are in private browsing mode. Private mode will be turned off when you exit Opera Mini.

    Another new feature is night mode. This will reduce the brightness of your screen by applying an overlay and hopefully make it more pleasant to use Opera Mini in dark environments. On keypad devices, we have assigned the shortcut # * to enable this. Of course, it can be turned on/off from settings as well. Night mode is also turned off when you exit Opera Mini.

    Opera Mini has always been about saving data. To give users more control over data usage, we have moved the "Data Usage" page from the help section to appear as a new menu item. As before, it shows you the details about data usage, but in addition you can now toggle image loading and set image quality.

    For keypad devices, we have made it easier to use tabs. Just navigate to the top of the page and continue up to reach the tab bar. So, there's no need to go via the menu anymore.

    This release also features nicer looking Speed Dial entries. We now use the Speed Dial images specified by the site author instead of just a thumbnail of the page. The thumbnail is still used as a fall back.

    As before, we have a separate build for BlackBerry with some additional changes. First of all, the page rendering will be better, since we use all fonts found on the device. Previously, it was limited to the same standard fonts as for Java. In addition, you can change the UI language directly from settings. The new language will be used after a restart of Opera Mini.

    And, of course, we have many, many bug fixes and changes under the hood. We are eager to hear your feedback. Add a comment to this post, or use the bug report wizard if you find a bug.

    To download Opera Mini 8, visit on your phone.

    Please report any bugs via our bug report wizard.


  • That's why it was a white night. Ha!

  • Thumbnails scale the image from (or first word if it's not from a standard url) instead rtsp:// link name (with blank image previously) renaming the speeddial and thumbnails_no_titles is in mini headers.

  • when will there be a opera 8
    .0 for android.. by the way superb work with the interface

  • what is with the wieird interface:


    [](' target='_blank)

  • @cssekhar
    It's login frontpage in column view. Onother issue is with https links from forums pages which will trigger narrow view first. Btw, 8 it's just a number, I can't see anything extra.

  • Opera mini freezes at startup for ten seconds or so when sync icon appears - 412 syncstate, 250 bookmarks total and 16 speeddials. No such problem with 7.0 running on SE C510.

  • please update opera mini 8 for android with private browsing & night mode.. BTW, when it is coming?? is there any work going on opera mini 8 for android??

  • Preset search engines can't be deleted/managed, deja vu in mini6. Also latest 3 search engines added two weeks ago got sync on last 3 lines (after Yahoo!) and preset engines on top avoiding alphabetical order, it's something that I didn't noticed before and needs mingling around.

  • opera thanks for bringing new version but book mark sycronisation not working pl help

  • nice UI(cool) ,run soft so smooth ,night mode also good but gif animations not support

  • please provide perfect version for LG A390

  • Hey i have micromax q75 which a keypad non touch phone but i want touch user interface view in opera mini 8 in my phone

  • @lovelyrajesh
    The generic version is provided for your device which can't be detected based on browser user-agent.

  • @vishal7g
    Do you see such a speeddial frontpage with previous version of Opera Mini browser?

  • Congratulations and thanks Opera! Patience is rewarded.

  • Opera mini black was better than this white opera mini 8. Thanks for night mode. How can I download opera mini 7.1? Is there any black colour update for 8 version?

  • @shakilhasanbd
    Dark thm with night mode is not a good combination but you will find out
    sooner or later, methinks, with next mini8.

  • @ravih2008
    Lucky you with your shinny Android device because mini8 doesn't work as it says on the tin and announce the end of stream for j2me platform. That's a funeral not an update so: Long Live Opera Mini for Android!

  • every thing good but small bug..when i type their no option 123 mode i mean AB , Ab , ab but no 123 . Example when i type mobile number, Every time i enter to fullscreen edit..