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Opera Mini for iOS 12 Beta discussions

  • This thread is for discussing the limited Beta releases of Opera Mini for iOS 12.

    If you are curious and want to join, please fill in this form,, and we will add you to the beta program[*]

    New in this release (build 97468)

    • Synced speed dials: import bookmarks from other devices, and delete obsolete devices

    • Support for spotlight search

    • Easier access to private tabs

    • Support for 3D touch on the application icon

    • Bugfixing, in particularly in the tab gallery.

    For registered users: please check your testflight app!

    [*] Given that we still have slots available, iOS developer program limits the amount of beta testers to 1000.

  • Great move in creating this forum thread Magnus, there is not even a form to fill out inside of IOS9.1 anywhere to report bugs, this makes it applicable.....Cheers chat soon 🙂

  • @hzedras

    There is a feedback form in Settings menu that you can also use to send feedback directly from the browser. But for things specifically related to Mini 12 beta testing it might be better to post in this dedicated forum thread.

  • My update went smoothly.

    I still have the issue where on longer pages, the page displays before being fully rendered, leaving some elements off-size, and some page anchors not working properly.

  • hzedras: Thanks! There is also the opportunity to send feedback for an application inside the testflight app. But i thought it would be nice to have a place to discuss in public too. After all it is apple restrictions that makes this a closed beta.

    jmwking: I believe those kinds of issues are limits of the iOS webview component, and you would see pretty much the same also in for example chrome for iOS. But if you don't then we are curious to know.

  • I use iOS Safari and Opera Mini. I don't use Chrome or any other browser (though maybe I should look into 'em). Mini consistently has this long page issue. I can send you screen shots if you want them. I've been noting this issue for several versions...


  • Thanks for this thread.

    New tab managment looks nice, also private tabs are much better reachable now.
    Opening new tabs also feels snappier.

    One the not so bright side I noticed that startup time is still unacceptably high compared to all other apps
    I have on my iPhone, please work on that issue.

    Speed dial sync is genereally a nice gimmick, but IMHO not much more for everyday use (honestly, how often do you use that feature?), whereas Open Tabs sync would be really handy (open tabs at home or in the office, continue reading the same content while in the train on the way home, synced automatically...), so I'm a bit disappointed that it's still not implemented for iOS
    (works on Android and desktop versions since months).

    As this is about beta-testing, I still tried SD sync of course, and found a strange issue where my (Android) tab SD appears twice(!), one with sync date from 2 months ago, one with sync data yesterday.
    It's of course the same tablet, and I didn't reinstall neither Android not Opera in the last 6 months, so there's something fishy about that.
    btw: I didn't dare removing either SD yet in order to avoid that they actually link to the same thing (there's nothing else to link to after all :-p) and both are gone then.
    (it's the same SD entries, as I rarely change them)

    Last point: I know that's not the place to declare wishes, and Xmas is still a long time ahead of us, but did you ever consider implementing a Reader Mode, as all default mobile browsers (iOS and Android) offer?
    I was really excited when I first found out about it, and I consider it one of the top 3 greatest things mobile browsers have to offer compared to desktop browsers, and it's incredibly useful especially for the limited screen estate of mobile devices.
    (it's THE one things the keeps me from using Opera Mini as my one and only mobile browser).


  • Hi netwolf!

    And thanks for your feedback. We're still investigating the slow startup time issue - we have reports from various users but so far there is no obvious pattern, like specific devices, iOS versions or certain conditions that trigger this problem. But we're working on it anyway.

    As for synced Speed Dials, there's nothing "fishy" if you see what looks like the same device twice in the list. It could have been that you upgraded your Opera in the meantime (while being logged out of Sync) and logged back in after the upgrade. This is enough to be considered as a "new device". The thing is, we do no track devices but a combination of Opera Mini installation plus Sync credentials. This is because there are different versions of Opera available (Opera for Android, Opera for Android Beta, Opera Mini, Opera Mini Beta). In other words, if a new installation ID is detected in combination with Sync user credentials that had not been used before we consider this a "new device" on the list.

    Finally, I cannot promise any specific timelines for new features in Opera Mini for iOS but I can say that both Reader Mode and Synced Tabs are on our radar 🙂

  • Hi again,

    and thank you for your fast reply.
    Good to heat that you take the startup time issue seriously! If you need any details or want me to create specific situations, feel free to ask.

    Thanks for the explanation regarding SD sync 'fishiness', it absolutely makes sense.
    IMO it would cause way less confusion to users if you simply added a bit more details about the remote device and Opera installation, e.g. not only PT-5200 and the last sync date(s), but PT-5200 (Opera Mini x.x) and the sync date.

    This way one would instantly see that 2 different apps are synced, and can behave accordingly.

    btw: your're totally right, I have not only Opera f. Android but also Opera Mini installed on my tablet (both synced), which explains the fact that the same device appears twice (with different sync times as I haven't used Mini for a long time ;))

    Great to hear that Synced Tabs and Reader Mode are on your radar, and I hope you'll soon start targeting at them 🙂

    Really looking forward to both features!

  • Hi!

    It would be great to be able to set - auto hide the bottom bar when scrolling

    Also, is the Discovery tab loading data even if all categories are disabled

  • ##Feature Requests

    • Sync History between Opera Mini and Opera on Desktop
    • Option for "compact tab view" like on the new Firefox app for iOS (I REALLY like this)
    • Better download management

    That's all I've got for now, but I'm sure I can think of something else soon

  • Also, a bug I've noticed in 11 (Let me know if 12 has fixed this):
    When sliding from the left side of screen to right in order to go to previous page, the current page slides away to reveal the previous one but in many cases that page is rendered black and white and is unresponsive until I tap the reload button.

  • ##More Feature Requests

    ##Compact Tabs

    • The brand new Firefox app for iOS has an excellent tab view. The tabs are tiled out nice and flat on the screen, enabling the user to have a birds eye view over many tabs at once. I think this is superior to a 3D based tab view.
      ##Better History Search
    • I want an easy simple way to be able to search through my history. Right now, searching in the url bar only shows me a couple of the websites I have visited that match my search query.
      ##Better Download Manager
    • Better download/file manager.
      ##Better Sync
    • I really, really, really want to be able to sync my history and open tabs between opera mini and opera on my mac
  • Ooops, sorry. The only new feature I requested was better history search. My bad. You get the point though. Please add these features, they will be very beneficial to users

  • Congrats to the release!

    One thing though: as neither Testflight nor Appstore offer an update (even though the final version is out), what's the next step, as currently I (as a better tester) am among the few people who (have to) use an outdated build, which can't be actually the idea, can it?

    So do I have to leave the beta program and install the final version (quite cumbersome beta testing procedure) or do you (very soon) provide the next beta version which is (of course) based on 12 final?
    (installing beta and final side-by-side is not an option on iOS devices I assume...)


  • Hi netwolf!

    Can you try installing the new version now?

    We may have had some problems figuring out exactly how to configure TestFlight

    Best Regards

  • Hi,
    well, not really...

    The situation is: I joined the beta program, updated until latest beta, then by chance found out that the final (12.0) was released.
    Asked here, noone seemed to care, so used iTunes to update to latest (12.0).
    (actually I would have expected Testflight to offer the update to 12.0 final, or at least Appstore on the mobile device,
    which didn't happen though...)

    A few days ago updated to 12.1.0 (offered by AppStore) and then noticed that Testflight still offers an 'update' to 12.0.

    Now since yesterday Testflight still shows version 12.0, but it is marked as 'Unavailable'.
    So actually there are 2 issues now:

    1. 12.0 is outdated and it would in fact be a downgrade
    2. even if I wanted to downgrade, I couldn't as it is unavailable.

    Hope this helps in figuring out some problems with Testflight.

  • Hi again netwolf!

    And thanks for helping us with the investigations.

    Just one question - so are you certain that is was not possible to install the released 12.0.0 version from appstore from within your phone once it was released?

    This is apple's statement about how testflight works, and should imply that you should be able to get the released version from appstore.

    "When the app becomes Ready for Sale in the App Store, testing automatically stops on earlier builds, and you will be unable to view or test them."


  • Yes, very certain.
    When I saw the announcement about the final version, I first opened Testflight.
    When I found no update there, I opened the AppStore app (on the iPhone) and found nothing there either.
    (this was 1 or 2 days after the announcement)

    Then one more day later I again looked in the AppStore, found no update, started iTunes (on PC), downloaded the update to the final and synced it to the iPhone.

    (first I thought that it takes takes a few hours for the AppStore to offer the update, but after 3 days my patience was over :))

    Well, and now I have installed and Testflight shows (expires in 29 days!) - as Unavailable though...

  • I had the same issue. After a couple days to see if the appstore would prompt me to upgrade (it didn't), I manually did it with no problem.