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Opera Mini 12 for Android

  • You provided a new update for standard Opera Mini but you didn't remove the old previous version. So i can't have two same apps ,,Opera Mini " on my phone because i can't uninstall old version to install new Opera Mini 12 so please remove one of them or make a NEW UPDATE TO BYPASS OLD VERSION.

  • Still Opera Mini needs to improve the downloading system.

  • Hi,
    Have a problem: since the last update, opera mini often crashes when I open webpages. ;_;
    Simply the app closes. Even opening this forum.
    I have sony Xperia T with Android 4.3.
    Hope you cam help me. :idea:
    THanks, Antonella.

  • What on earth is this? No word wrap, no setting for font size, hangs, crashes. How do I get the one that was before the last update? Word Wrap is the only reason I use any Opera products. I am going to disable the updates on my phone before you'll ruin Opera for Android also. LG Spirit 4G Android 5.0.

  • best browser ever!
    please give full screen edition. this will help a lot when i write long comment on Facebook. please lock exit visa back button.
    why i can't contract to polish office?
    hope reply.

  • почему постоянная окошко о "расчете данных шрифта"? Не возможно пользоваться как только пройдет , через некоторое время минуты через 3 по новой !

  • Terrific...
    I wrote a long explanation of my issues, after not coming here for a long time & being pretty lost about a couple things....and I hit send or whatever it says & bam, my post is gone & does not show here. Same ol crap as before...

  • Great... Now it works after it lost my whole comments about the problems I have...

  • Allright... I keep getting msg's about how opera link thing is going away. I find the msg & this forum very confusing. All I have is this phone, nothing else. I want to keep my bookmarks, saved pages, speedials, downloads, etc. Do I need to do anything to keep them or am I all set the way I am? What about backups of these things? Also, I have mini 7.6 something. I remember getting a msg about mini 8 but I refrained because the reviews didn't sound too good at the time. Now I come here & see its up to 12. Holy shit, how'd that happen. I have android phone htc desire 816. It has 4.4. I didn't upgrade to 5.0 again because it sounded like it might cause me problems. Should I update to mini 12 or what?

    Thanx in advance for a good English comprehensible reply.

  • Hi, can you please add menu button to navigation bar? I must always scroll to view bars and i don't like it. At least in landscape mode it can be great.
    Thank for best phone and tablet browser, i have used it at my old java app phone and now i use it on droid.

  • @nowurtalkin, if you install the latest Mini (12 or 13 beta), bookmarks, Speed Dial items, saved pages, search engines, open tabs, and settings will be imported to the new version.

    The new version is a separate install, so your old mini won't be overwritten.
    So maybe good to try out either the Mini 12 or 13 beta.

  • Please add Muti thread connection downloading system. (Of Course its not the concurrent system) Need a system which can split to multi thread/multi part connection for every single downloading files. (Muti connection should be 7 or 8 or more connection. Now a days all other web browser has this Multiple Connection threaded downloading systsm to Accelerate/Boost the downloading speed. But Opera Mini hasn't this feature yet. Please add this feature & make Opera Mini as a super speedy downloading system.

  • @myukiwork,
    I don't understand how to or if possible, to reply directly to you post, but thx for the reply & I will try it & hope you are correct. In the past, not so simple, so gonna trust you. If all good, I'll try to repost to let others know.

  • Opera Mini's file downloading speed is too much slow. Please update/upgrade the built-in poor download manager as well for super downloading speed & better downloading management. Add Multiple threaded connection for downloading, Add more server & upgrade and optimize the server for better downloading speed. Fix Download Resume problem. Thanks

  • single column view is broken.
    Try to have a look at engadget. in the main page we can't click the title and some of the picture of the article and the social buttons are sticking out to the right side of the screen. when opening one of the articles, in addition to the social buttons issue the picture is in full size, not resized to fit device screen like it used to be.

    when turning off single column view it even worse, the dropdown menu of the site completely covering the article.

    please do something about it.

  • @d-wa, we are looking into the issue. Thank you for reporting the problem.