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  • I'm running the latest Opera version on a four year old, standard run-of-the-mill Toshiba laptop.

    I have 10 extensions. The cold startup time is about 13 - 15 seconds for the Speed Dial page to appear.

    Old cache is always cleared and I don't use sessions. All other applications start quickly.

    Is this a normal startup time? What do others experience?

  • Its not normal, it is very slow. That said, saying you have a 4 year old laptop doesn't really tell us much. Its like saying you have a 4 year old car. Okay, but is it a 4 year old Ford Festiva or a 4 year old Porsche Boxster? Tell us its specs (CPU, clockrate, RAM and OS) and what steps you have taken to identify or solve the problem. No point in us telling you do to stuff you've already tried.

    Old cache is always cleared and I don't use sessions.

    The current version of Opera does not have sessions. That latest version of Opera 12 did that. Exactly which version do you have?

  • Computer is ...

    Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium Home Edition

    AMD Sempron II M110 V140 Processor

    CPU 2300 MHz

    System Memory 2810 MB

    Opera version is 33.0.1990.43

    I was mistakenly under the impression that Opera had some sort of Session handling capability.

    The initial blank splash screen appears after about 4 secs. But the final product with speed dial and extension icons takes up to 15

    I was hoping that someone had experienced this and found possibly an extension that hangs the startup.

    Searches for this produce nothing.

  • I just noticed that in the task manager there are eight or more entries for Opera.exe*32 running with no tabs open.

    Is that normal?

  • Ignore the task manager comment above please. I did more research on it.

  • Your system shouldn't be having this much trouble with Opera. Do you have any extensions installed? Try disabling them and restarting. You might also try it with a fresh profile. Find your profile folder (About Opera has the location) and rename it. Launch Opera and it will create a fresh one. If that solves the issue just pull your bookmarks and such out of your old one and put them in the new one. If it doesn't solve the problem then you can use your original profile again by delete the fresh one and rename the old one back to its original name. Try those things and report back.

  • Lando .. I examined all my extensions and disabled two that were "nice", but not really required.

    Interestingly, the startup time dropped to 10 seconds from 15.

    I'll take a close look at the others and see what I really "need".

    I'll try your fresh profile suggestion also.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Final post. I removed all "nice, but not necessary" extensions and kept four that I absolutely need.

    Cold startup time is now about 5 seconds. Very acceptable.