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  • I was pleased to accidentally find out about the new Sync system when I signed in to the link page. The new system seems promising, but I'm having trouble.

    I migrated my many bookmarks to the new server, and was pleased to see my bookmarks show up on my Macbook. Then they showed up in Opera on my android phone.

    Then I made the mistake of installing the Developer edition 34 on the Macbook. When the bookmarks didn't sync, I migrated my bookmarks to the new sync server again, hoping to start the sync process in v. 34. Later, I reinstalled beta v. 33 on my Macbook because of another issue I was having with my keychain (not relevant to the sync problem). Again the sync didn't happen after I logged in to my Opera account. Again I migrated my data hoping to start the sync. Didn't help.

    But then I noticed that the Speed Dial page on my android phone now takes 10 seconds or more for my speed dial entries to appear.

    I took a look at the migration page again. It shows nonsensical data, such as that I have 21 devices and 495 open tabs. It says I have zero speed dials, but the slowness of my speed dial page populating on my android suggests to me that my 3 migrations have at least triplicated my data on the new sync server.

    So I clicked the button to reset my sync data. A message appeared: An error occurred. Please try again later. The same error message has happened three times when I tried to reset my data.

    Summary: 1. There are no instructions in Opera or on the Opera site explaining what to expect or how to trigger the new sync system, in particularly that it's supposed to start automatically on login. The sync process doesn't start on some occasions when I logged into my Opera account using beta v. 33.0.1990.35 and developer v. 34. If I'm right that my sync data is now triplicated on the sync server, there's no warning on the migration page not to migrate more than once. If I'm not right about that, why is the speed dial page on my android now taking 10 seconds or more for any of my icons to appear (the Opera version on my android is 29.0.1809.93516, which I've had for weeks and didn't reinstall or anything)? Finally, the button on the sync page to reset sync data doesn't seem to be working.


  • Reset sync data worked this morning. Thank you.

    I continue to suggest that Opera post somewhere instructions on how to use the new sync system.

  • @dd323: We'll investigate your problem with resetting the account (SYNC-1442).

  • Thanks for all the great idea! yes it works now... This was really helpful. Thanks again!

  • I have only just found the migration tool. I have used it and reset sync data, and I now have a separate folder outside my regular bookmarks labelled "Imported Bookmarks" with only a link inside under the name of my username. When I click this link, a new tab opens trying to access "" but it always ends with a "The webpage is not available" error.

    Someone please help. I really really do not want to lose my old bookmarks. I can still access them on Opera Link but I can't see them in the new browser bookmark section, nor can I access this "Imported bookmarks" link.

    Also, is there any way to sync my old 'Notes' as well?

    Thank you and Please Help!!

  • Oops,

    A tiny bit more digging, one more try of the migration tool and I found them under a folder called 'Imported from Opera Link' in the normal 'my folders' space. "phew"

    Any way to migrate Notes too? Anyone?

  • Also, is there any way to sync my old 'Notes' as well?