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Opera Link will close in December 2015

  • opera for symbian and this is same thing I have been saying when they are closing why they closed now when it is getting closed in dec what is that co wants to prove??

  • we are im mess pl open the opera link till dec I request co

  • So, let me just see if I am getting this right..

    The dull old thing is getting the chair. The shiny new thing is senile and repeats itself. And in the meantime, the dull old thing dies from stress.


  • It might be time for you to upgrade to the newest versions of Opera

    Sure ! Let's go to, and download the latest. Oh, Opera 12.16, how nice ! (I'm on Linux x32...)
    Maybe on the phone. Let's try Opera Mobile... Ah, too bad, doesn't work with Android 2.3.3. And Mini is a no-go since I can't go to internal networks pages.
    So, how do I upgrade ?

    Beyond that, how can I save all the data I uploaded to Link ? Because, for example, I think that the notes I've taken won't migrate to Sync, and so, will be deleted.
    Also, keeping data about the users without providing a way for the users to retrieve them, I think that's illegal...

    Anyway, I can maybe write a Python script to retrieve all... Oh wait, you already shutdown the Oauth platform. Gaaaaaahhhh !

    Finally, how nice of you to send a mail to warn about this closing only a week before it'll happen ?!! Yeah sure, it was written in the forum. Guess what, I don't go to the forums.

    All in all, I thought you were taking a little better care of your users and paying customers.

  • I am using the latest version 12.16 for FreeBSD, the only synchronisation I can find is OperaLink! Its getting harder and harder to justify using Opera.

  • the opera co has now become less user listner there new opera sync is not working and they have closed the old one and also they could have made opera sync better with old plus new but using opera browser now seems to be like using something forcefully

    the uc browser dont make any browser for symbian but there book mark sycronisation is working this is called for caring customer so some day when andriod version will get older they will stop and say migrate to new?

    and they said till dec old opera sync will work and it never worked so I feel opera has cheated us by just making fool

    if you are closing opera link atleast till dec you should have made it operational but now it is one month you already stoppped the service and now dramas are being done by sending mail why?

    is this professional towards loyal old customer to make them suffer for no reason can opera give us justification? why old customer should suffer everything is going to be old so you will stop all?

    can that justifcation can be given from opera technical dept???????

  • The Opera Link service hasn't been stopped yet, it's still working fine for me, but the clock is ticking!

  • how come u say it is working it is not working since last 1 month so pl create to show something which dont exisy while writing this also i tried and it is not working so why u are lying?

  • so why u are lying?

    First of all, please read the forum rules before posting.

    Second, no one is lying. Just because something doesn't work for you, doesn't mean that it's not working for everyone else. And vice-versa.

  • its sad to see your turning ur back on all the users who dnt own smartphones (android and ios) and put simple telling them sorry but its too much work to keep supporting u reakes of to me as the big smartphone companies dont want u to own anything else but are newest phones very nice thanks a bunch for nothing

  • Please provide a way for us to download/export our notes.

  • Alright, I downloaded latest Opera browser on my windows PC and logged into my Opera Link account.
    It redirected to but the page seems to be broken.
    All I see it white page and bunch of links.
    Can't perform any action on the page. Can anyone look into it?

  • Here's link to the screenshot:

  • Here's link to the screenshot:

    Try removing the # and reload the page. Also disable Turbo and all extensions.

  • So, no answer at all ? There is absolutely nothing to do to save/export our notes ?

    To be honest, this doesn't help building our trust toward the new service Sync...

    Oh and BTW, Link is already down ?! We are not even in december !!!

  • The # comes when we click on any link on the webpage. The page should load successfully with or without it.

  • @gh0st7: Do you have JavaScript enabled? It's required to browse this page.

  • Oh and BTW, Link is already down ?! We are not even in december !!!

    @cqoicebordel: where is it you don't get Link to work?

    • The planned shut down date is December 14
    • When Link is closed, nothing will be removed from your browsers - your data (including notes) will remain in your browser, but it will not sync between your devices, and you cannot access your data on
  • There is absolutely nothing to do to save/export our notes ?

    You should have them in your computer, right? Also it shouldn't be that hard to go to Link notes page and just save it.

  • It is a real pity: The new sync Service does not carry over any of the notes I have kept in my Bookmarks pages.
    Also the separate Notes where really useful, even so not synced to any phones (I organized my Wedding with it and my wife was able to see all I have arranged and vice versa...) and stacking the tabs is still not supported on the new browser which I made extensive use off in Opera....

    For people with the same problem as me (at least for the notes in the bookmarks section):
    Export your Bookmarks from the Browser as HTML, at least this way you can create a link to this html page in the new browser, open it and you will still be able to search the page for the notes as they are actually exported when you export the Bookmarks as html.
    Works, but it will be a pain to keep updated in the future...
    So I wonder how many years it will take before we can see stacked browsing tabs (another 2?) or Notes to the bookmarks or even as separate...(probably never, most people now a days seem to rely on automatic sorting, just not enough people using old style "logic" and "organizational" talent to sort or tag their stuff...
    Works maybe for social stuff, but for technical bookmarks in various industry areas tagging and own notes are really essential...