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  • i'm going to factory reset my android phone, but i want to backup my saved pages in opera mini. i cannot find the saved pages files in the storage. how can i backup the saved pages and restore it after phone factory reset? thanks

  • Unfortunately Opera Mini doesn't support saved pages backup & restore system. Maybe The Opera Mini developers are unwilling to add this feature.

  • they're also hiding it well in the storage. i've search in every folder, even hidden folders, i can't find those. please help if any one knows.

  • Though Opera Mini doesn't support Saved Pages backup & restore feature but you can find those saved pages file if you have rooted android phone. Use ES File Explorer app then goto as - /Device/Data/Data/ directory but those saved pages files are totally useless because in later you can't even restore those files if you want to restore. Opera Mini Developers make Opera Mini as if it can't restore saved page.

  • I think you can try to copy the whole folder /Device/Data/Data/, but I'm not sure if this works.

  • @mbaluta I tried it also but it didn't work. Opera Mini developers team should add Save Page backup & restore feature. Also they should bring back 'Saving the Bookmarks & Saved Pages' by Alphabetically.

  • Opera Mini should add the saved pages feature as like UC Browsers page saving system

  • +1 rhmini, too damn right! In fact the only working fix I've found for this RIDICULOUS problem is copy/pasting Opera Mini's saved page URL into UC Browser, then re-saving (!!!!!) with that UC save-page add-on (creates .html .mht or .txt); there's another very nice addon that makes .pdfs. Both are free and both save to EXTERNAL & ACCESSIBLE directories!

    The Android system partition is NOT meant for user data, not that I could find the path mentioned above with the [fairly penetrating] ES File Explorer on my unrooted phone, (search for "Opera" from top level "/Device" also found nothing). I'm not going to root my device, life is just way, way too short.

    Opera Mini devs... I love most of your work but this is total madness.

  • I don't know why Opera Mini developers doesn't add the Saved Pages Backup-Restore feature. We have most needed saved pages which we don't want to loose. If my smartphone lost suddenly or if I have to Restore Factory my device, All of my useful Saved Pages gone forever.

  • We have most needed saved pages which we don't want to loose

    Saved pages is a feature to allow the user to read a page even if s/he is offline, it's something godd for when you will travel to a place with bad connection, for example, and need toi access some pages with info about that place.

    Saved pages aren't meant to be a way to keep pages forever or even for a long time.

  • Saved pages aren't meant to be a way to keep pages forever or even for a long time.


  • Yes though there is no need to keep Saved Pages forever But I've thousand of saved pages. If I've to restore factory my device I'll lost everything. That's the problem.

  • But I've thousand of saved pages.

    For what reason do you have so many saved pages?

  • I think, most users ( like me )have much more then 10 pages saved. So it would be very helpful, if one could sort them free. In Vers.10 of opera mini this was possible.
    I also would like to copy some saved pages to pc cause i have no internet connection at pc. To do this, i have currently to use the " old " opera browser. It saves pages as mht. But this is a very awkward way.

  • Hye Guys.. im FTR from Malaysia. i have found this way to backup opera mini save page to your sd using xplore.
    first you need make opera mini saved pages backup folder on your sd card.
    you need root your phone to access root folder.

    open root->data->>files->savedpages.

    using super user mode on xplore to read and write systems folder.
    move or copy to your backup folder on sd card.

    if you installing again on your new phone or doing factory reset.

    install opera mini. save one page.. and system will made savedpages folder on root->data->>files.

    just move or copy your backup files.

    that it.. hehe

  • Nope it didn't worked

  • -casperjack
    have you seen your saved pages data on

    try to search where is operamini data location. the app data,you will found it. 🙂

  • Check on root,internal storage or extrnal storage. sorry about my broken english. hehe

  • Thanks alot FTR, it really worked. Rooted phone, xplore running in su mode. Open xplore> root folder> data> data>> files and boom! there they all show up ending with '.obml16' file fomat. Thanks bro, I really needed it.

  • If you have rooted android phone can easily backup all data of Opera Mini or any Apps.

    1. You have to install Titanium Backup Pro (Cracked Version).
    2. Now open this app>select Opera Mini from the lists of Apps>Backup Data. (Prefer SD Card Storage to save this data)
    3. In future when you go to restore your phone first backup all data and after the restore install all apps and restore all apps data via Titanium Backup Pro apps.