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How do I import my opera bookmarks?

  • Just got a new computer.

    Dell Inspiron 15 running windows 7 professional. Downloaded Opera 20. I went to the opera button in upper left hand corner and down to the MORE TOOLS button to upload my exported bookmarks from my previous computer off . But the BOOKMARK IMPORTER button is non clickable.

    How do I import my opera.adr bookmarks off my flash drive?

  • The importer from the UI only works automatically if it detects a prior installed version. Since you don't have one you'll have to enable it manually, but don't worry, it's simple.

    You'll probably lose your current Opera 20+ profile (all the Speed Dials, bookmarks and passwords you've saved until now).

    You can try this:

    Open the Run dialog (Windows Key + R) and use this command:
    "Full Opera Blink installation path\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir="Full Opera Presto profile path\profile"

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir="G:\backup"

    If that doesn't work download Opera 12.1x here, run the installer and select Options so you can change the installation folder to standalone (USB) and choose a custom path. Place your bookmarks.adr in that custom location's profile and then run the command above adapting the Opera Presto profile path to where you installed it. That way you can import without actually touching your system registry with old Opera's things.

    PS. This will enable the bookmark importer in Opera 20+. Then you'll open it and choose to import, then you'll need to categorize them manually. You can import them to the Speed Dial or the bookmarks bar. If you want to import them to the bookmarks bar enable it in the settings prior to opening the importer.

  • And if you had an install like mine with a space in the directory realize there is an error in opera that it can't parse a install with a space. But if you rename your original install of opera to one word it will work just fine.

    "E:\Allison Opera of the future\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir=e:\Allison Opera\profile

    This didn't work because there was a space in the 12.17 install of Allison's!!! Took out the space and it works fine.

  • how can import my bookmarks from other browsers.. firefox or chrome.. cant' we do this ?? what a pity .. I have installed opera 25 .. but now I will uninstall.. soon.. cant' work with my favorites.. 😞 😞 bad , Opera !!

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  • "E:\Allison Opera of the future\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir=e:\Allison Opera\profile

    doesn't work because "e:\Allison Opera\profile" needs to be quoted too. No need to rename the directory.