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Opera Mini 11 for iOS released!

  • Hello everyone!

    We have just released Opera Mini 11 for iOS.

    This time with our brand-new logo!

    We also did some shuffling around and a star has moved into the address field. From here you can easily add your Speed Dial entries, save pages for offline or store them in bookmarks.

    This also allowed us to move the night mode switch onto the main menu.

    Other news is that you should start seeing some hints for features in the UI. This is of course mostly for new users - you can disable them in settings, but maybe there is a feature or two that you actually didn’t know about?

    We also improved the Opera Turbo compression mode significantly by adding new, advanced compression technologies. I personally see a jump in compression from 50% to 60% with this improvement. More than that - since you are loading less data - you will also see an improvement in page-loading times. We will roll out the server updates for this during the day.

    And, finally, a special note to our patient beta testers. This time we were not allowed to release the build externally, because of the new logo. But, stay tuned - we have a build coming for you soon with some features that didn’t make it into this release!

    Curious about beta testing Opera Mini and want to enroll? Sign up here!

    Happy update!

    On behalf of the Opera Mini for iOS Team

  • Any ETA for when we can finally see open tabs of synced devices on iOS clients as well?
    (the other way is already working, but that's not what i need πŸ˜‰

  • Just wanted to let you know that still never finishes loading if the Turbo is enabled.
    When Turbo is disabled, it loads normally.

    EDIT: with "Opera Mini" compression settings, the page loads and works (even though an error message is displayed).

    And can you do something about the startup time: right now Opera Mini is THE slowest of my ~50 installed apps when it comes to startup times, even with only 1 tab open 😞

  • Smooth upgrade. Thx.


  • I am unable to turn on the mobile data for the app. It turn off automatically.Kindly assist

  • And can you do something about the startup time: right now Opera Mini is THE slowest of my ~50 installed apps when it comes to startup times, even with only 1 tab open

    Hi netwolf!

    We're trying to pin down the startup time issues. Can you tell us what iDevice are you using? And how much "stuff" do you have in the browser, like lots of Speed Dials, active Sync connection or maybe lots of open tabs in each session?

    And thanks for the feedback!

  • I couldn't recognize if it's my problem , but the program always crash down on iOS 9 when I open much tabs.

    And, the crash down also happens sometimes when I opened only a few tabs with the program.

  • I couldn't recognize if it's my problem , but the program always crash down on iOS 9 when I open much tabs.
    And, the crash down also happens sometimes when I opened only a few tabs with the program.

    This is another tough issue as we're fighting with WebView "imperfections" here. But we're not giving up!

  • And there seems to be a Mini 12 Beta for iOS. No announcement? So far, so good. But I'd like to have some compatriots, either way...


  • OM11 Bugs & requests

    OperaMini v. for iOS.
    iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.1.


    • feedback form β€” no text editing options; unable tap to move a cursor; only inline typing mode; sending text string to nowhere? who will get it? is mail inside text published online?
    • saved pages sorting broken β€” previously manually sorted thumbnails of saved pages are sorted in unusual way after update, why? what for?!
    • saved pages names are lost on first and a half of the second pages, other 20 pages are ok. Yes, I've saved 160 pages for offline reading πŸ™‚ Not for test I really like to postpone some interesting materials. (I like Opera for this feature, please awesomly improve it anyhow.)
    • saved pages manual rearranging of thumbnails is disgusting β€” the far you from the first page the harder is to rearrange them β€”moving becomes unpredictable. Found the way: if you wish to move icon from 4-th screen to the third β€” place it to the second screen β€” it will fall to the third πŸ™‚ Always place it one screen earlier. But it's no fun, you really cant predict what place it will fall in. Very hard to reorder.
    • saved page after browser restart can be moved spontaneously from the last screen to any page of "bookshelf".
    • the snapshot icon of the newly saved page is impossible to see upon browser restart (only standard icon with blank tables), icon refreshes with a snapshot only after browser restart (appearing not on the last page, where it was before).
    • if images are turned off they are not turned off in recommendations screen.
    • previously opened pages disappear after browser restart.


    • thumbnail icon for saved page (and bookmark as an option) is generated of current page view level β€” if the nice picture on the site is zoomed, this will be the icon; if the letter or phrase is zoomed, this will be the icon. Useful, customizable, remarkable, quick icons from any part of the page.
    • wider names of saved pages 10 chars is not enough (DOS style πŸ™‚ needs redesign: two line; or width extension on holded tap; or vertical list.
    • "fast bookshelf scroll" β€” while sliding the bottom row of dots; or tap to the mist right dot makes a jump right there β€” one tap and you are in the end of saved pages list.
    • some sorting options for saved pages and bookmarks β€” chronologycal, manual, by name, etc.
    • foldering saved pages β€” similar as done now with bookmarks.

    Hope this bug and wishlists will help a little to improve the stability and easiness of Opera Mini.

    Feel free to contact me by email.

    Hope in future you'll find energy to make feedback more quick and simple for the user.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for your help Andrey. I am looking into each of them.


  • Hi andhoc,

    And thank you for the comprehensive report! πŸ™‚

    1. Regarding the various issues with Saved Pages - we have received several other complaints about them and are already working on that.

    2. The feedback form has been fixed in the latest Mini 12 beta release (more details about joining our Beta program can be found in the first post). To answer your further question - the feedback is collected in our internal database that we can browse in order get a better understanding of what the most common problems/bugs/request are.

    3. The images-off setting should work in Discover (I guess this is what you meant by "recommendations screen") in Turbo mode. In Opera Mini mode it has no effect so it's a bug πŸ˜‰

    4. Disappearing pages after browser restart - do you mean they are completely gone or they get reloaded on restart?

  • == About Saved pages bug
    and three old greenies.

    -Random sort & losten names-
    The preface: I saved about 160 pages before update, all worked o.k. i renamed them as i wished and sorted manually thematically, if you not paying attention to how difficult is to move saved pages across screens in shelf, all was normal. After update to the last stable version first 20 thumbnails lost their titles. More of this, it's now impossible to rename them, neither firs 20, neither other 140 πŸ™‚ And they are really resorted in random manner.

    Opera still lets to save new pages in addition to previously saved but if you do the next you'll get a fail. Try to save new page, then
    find it in the most right (last) screen of the shelf,
    rename it,
    move to the very beginning of the list to the first screen of the shelf,
    close the saved pages shelf,
    restart the browser,
    Freshly saved page thumbnail jumped to the 21 position (third screen, second row) and it has no name. Wow!
    Try to rename it without moving,
    restart the browser.
    No effect! It lost the name again.
    Or Try to open any URL after renaming and restart the browser - the same thing. It is still placed to the 21 position but without name. Yoohoo!

    -The second: thumbnail jumping scene-
    You start the browser. There are 22 screens of the shelf with 173 saved pages. Not too much if you like to collect and aggregate some pages for researches, rewrites or later reading. Especially if you visit sites with renewable content on the similar link, some news, start pages, etc.
    So you try to save the new one, doing the following:
    save page (without any renaming or replacing),
    open saved pages shelf,
    open last screen, just to be sure that that thumbnail is there,
    yes it's there! right in the end of the screen on position174 and it has web page title as a name.
    Ok, you say. Now I close the browser (turn it off).
    Start it again.
    Open saved pages shelf..
    And, hey, where it is?!
    The last 174 place is taken by the previous one (what was 173).
    You search the shelf, listing and discover that your freshly saved page is on the 22-nd position without name! Ahahahaha! (And it is Unrenamable.)

    Ok, you say. Opera, let me save the new one just for test. Opera keeps silent it can't talk and you do the test.
    Save the new one.
    Open shelf.
    Find and and state that it's on position number 175.
    Close the browser. Open it again.
    And oooops this time testing page thumbnail jump to... 45!
    So, guys, this saved pages now jump as old wise frogs. They really never jump the same :)))
    The third frog jumped from 176 place to the 76.
    Big jump, I can say. A less long then the first one, but 100 tiles VS 130 is not so bad for old greeny πŸ™‚
    I have no ideas how this happened. May be Opera evolves the frogs somehow.

    Seriously, I'm asking you to make some new big improvements in saved pages design and frog jumping process :)) And please, try not to brake the order of manually sorted pages. I know, errors happen, and see you do the much, but it's so hard to rearange them again.
    Thank Heavens, nothing lost. Only the titles.

    Thanks for paying attention.

  • You're welcome. There'll be no more jumping frogs in the next version! πŸ˜ƒ

  • == Search frame loose ==

    Opera inpage search frame layer is lost after you long-press any link in this page for opening it in another tab. So, you need to call the search tools again and list all found terms up to the place, where you pressed the link.
    Please let the search frame to stay overlaid, until user close it manually.

    == Awesome Titler for saved images==

    When user saves the image browser lets to fill in the special bar below it, where the link is autotyped in by checking the box (if user wishes browser to do it), and second field with user comment.
    I often search the web for some classic art on and save it to cameraroll for future pleasure and writes, so the info with where did I get it and what was the size of canvas, artist, genre, etc. will be very appreciated.
    Such simple signaturing right above the image (like mems done) but in a smaller font πŸ™‚ is easy once made longstaying way for keeping information, not to be afraid of loosing it during iOS renaming or EXIFF rewrite functions of other apps. It's easier to cut it with Crop-Size app later, then try to remember where it was saved from or who was the artist and media.

    ==All tabs shutups & overpasses==

    I see that Opera "all tabs rendering" engine seriously slows down when there are more then 10 opened, so I'm asking you to add faster function for easy switching between tabs ignoring the lags. The "switch to next/previous tab" button is pretty enough for quick step by step listing between tabs.

    Other super-duper thing is "close this tab" button to avoid the slowed "all tabs view". Asking you about this because it's so painfully to wait for browser catch the "close tab gesture". It fails a lot when overslowed.

    I can't imagine clearly where this buttons could be implemented, because I don't know your guidelines and design standards. I can only suppose that it's possible may be in bottom row functions or the newly star menu in upper left corner. Thought about swipes across the button line for switching to next/previous tabs. But have no idea what gesture is usable for quick close tab command.
    May be it's possible to implement some "bungee, drag-out, rubber" menu, as it's done with new tab button, to improve the one gesture swipe for fast selecting the function such as: close/next/previous/new tab.

    I like the idea of all tabs rendering engine and understand the memory limitations, that's why thinking about some other overpasses and sharing this thoughts with you.

    Feel free to ask additional questions if you misunderstand my long explanations πŸ™‚


  • == Low Quality image forgery ==

    In Opera Mini mode with images quality option set to "lowest" you long-press any image on web-page and tap "save" -- the lowest quality image will be saved. That's o.k.

    But, if you again long-press this image and tap the "open image" option you will see the image in a higher quality on a new page! If you try to save it from this screen you will not get the better quality! The previous old one will be saved the second time.

    ...Seems, that Opera saves the image from cache, instead of saving this newly opened image in higher quality.

    The only way to do it right, now is to copy the link to the image, clean cache, paste the link, open that image again and save it.

    But the pin is that cache is cleared for all opened pages.

    Please, check this bug. Make Opera save the refreshed image, neither old one firstly saved.

  • I'm new to Opera. Thought I'd try it out on my phone. I like it except every time I try and do a search it takes me to google. Is there any way to change the default search engine from google to something like duck duck go?

  • Winnee,
    Long-press on a search field until the cursor is blinking inside it will help.
    But you can't change the default search engine 😞

  • Hi netwolf!
    We're trying to pin down the startup time issues. Can you tell us what iDevice are you using? And how much "stuff" do you have in the browser, like lots of Speed Dials, active Sync connection or maybe lots of open tabs in each session?
    And thanks for the feedback!

    Sorry for the really late reply, I'm kind of used to get email-notification to all threads I post to (memory from the old forum from the old days...) so I somehow missed this...

    Well, it was on an iPhone 4S and it is on an iPhone 5S (currently running iOS 8.4).
    I have 10 SD entries, sync is active (though the really useful stuff (for me) which is 'open tabs sync' doesn't work yet) and the number of tabs doesn't seem to matter.
    1 empty tab or 10 tabs, startup time is always painfully high.

    (btw: I'm also a registered beta tester, and the situation is not better with the current beta version)

  • Thought about swipes across the button line for switching to next/previous tabs.

    That's a very handy feature and IMO much more useful than prev/next page which you have buttons for anyway.
    For Safari there's a Cydia tweak called SafariSwiper. It lets you swipe the buttom bar (sensitivity adjustable) to switch tabs, it wanted even in a circular way.
    Very small but an absolute 'must have' πŸ™‚