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It is necessary to correct behaviour: saving the last bookmark folder

  • On the Opera version 12.16 and previous, maintains the previous user-selected bookmarks folder in will be placed which a new bookmark. This is convenient because often placed bookmark in the same folder as you work with a certain theme, for example, searches for something information on the Internet. When I jumps to run another job, I create a new folder for bookmarks on this new topic. And so on. On new Opera when I click on the "Hearts" (or press shortcut CTRL+D) proposes to keep the bookmark in the "not sorted" folder. It's just not convenient! Because it makes you to do a few extra movements: open the drop-down menu and select the desired folder, previously created on this topic. And so it's need at every (!!!) times...
    Other web browsers, such as Chrome, in this respect best handy when having on the menu for Add bookmark offers positions to use several recently used folders, of course, the last used folder is also stored by default. This is most convenient for the user to actively work with bookmarks and information on the Internet.
    I could not pick up any existing extension for Opera, which would make the easy job with bookmarks for the Opera on the stage of adding bookmarks... 😞
    Perhaps this feature does not need for many users, who does not follow the paradigm of hierarchical collection of bookmarks and who puts them into not sorting pile. However, professional users who need to handle large amounts of information, without the above-described functionality is simply impossible to do own work! The current situation is unfavorable for such users of the Opera, and it provoked the question to refuse to use this remarkable in other respects Opera browser! 😞

  • Already implemented, wait for Opera 32.

  • Thanks!
    My Opera devel 32.0.1910.0 haven't it. 😞
    May be has it on final release...

  • Hmm... at opera devel 33.0.1967 bookmarks adding functional broken totally!
    Alas, I leve it!

  • Thanks!
    My Opera devel 32.0.1910.0 haven't it.
    May be has it on final release...

    At leasdt here Opera 32 remembers the last chosen bookmark folder. Isn't it what you were asking for?

  • Opera 32 for Windows? (I'm works under Linux...)

  • Opera 32 for Windows? (I'm works under Linux...)

    Yes. Just don't know if the linux version has this.