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  • Hi,
    i had Opera beta on Win7, now i installed w10 and installed Opera stable v31.0. Opera didn't sync very well. I think only bookmark sync very well. Password didn't. Now i am looking in backups files (i saved everything from C: before reinstall) and it has probably to be here ...\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next. When i check here it has to be Local Data for passwords. But it is not there.
    Please help me.

  • file name is Login Data in your profile folder
    but the old file wont work after you reinstalled OS (it is hooked to it for securuty reasons)

  • What developers think when that made it?!!? Why sync didn't work?! That is mean if i have 100 saved passwords forget on that if you change OS. What is the point then?
    What to do now?!?!

  • I was in that situation once of twice year(s) ago (I reinstall OS quite often)
    I keep my passwords in Notes just in case

    maybe (?!) this can help

  • Its a security thing. This was people can't use your password file without logging into your OS. Lets say someone stole your PC but couldn't log in to your Windows Account. Well, what they could do is just pull your HD out of your system, load it into another system and read your files that way. If the file wasn't tied to your OS then bam, they would now have all your password for things like your bank, your webmail, etc. This makes it much harder to do that.

    If you want something more portable I recommend using a real password manager like Keypass or Lastpass.

  • @ Vux777, thanks i will try but i have some problem to download from there

    Ok, that is all conspiracy what can it be if that happen... Where i had any warning about passwords?! That must be advanced options if you want maximum security you have to do that.
    Now when is all fucked up you said me i have alternative to use other apps. thanks very much but i lost about 60-100 passwords!!!!!

  • Putting all of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. Live and learn. That said, I do know there are programs that can read the password file as long as you are logged into the Windows Account it was created under.

  • Hello,
    I'm in similar situation. My old HDD started to fail, so i installed a new one and transfered most of the files to a new one.
    Of course, i ran into same problem as you. I cannot transfer Opera passwords to my new drive. And since there is about 30 passwords, i would like to skip manually writing them down.
    So, is there some way to backup passwords, and import them in new computer?

    Thanks for reply!!

  • Heres a result from google. You can try that but no guarantees as I have not tested it. I don't use browser based password storage.

  • @Lando242

    Could you please try to download from any browser? And please tell me which OS you have. I can't download as app above which it suggested to me, i can't download this one you mentioned it. I get this:
    There are probably some security into browser or i w10 which i use it. Those sites are on some black list.
    I tried from Edge, Maxton portable,...

  • I do not believe how much i am wasting a time only because of this!

    I found solution for download. It was because of Avast it didn't popup windows that it blocked download, i downloaded now.

    I have now all those apps and i can access to file over OperaPasswordDecryptor. It doesn't show pass but it shows username and sites/forums where i saved it.

    I can't definitively can't somehow c/p into opera folder and there is all usernames and passwords?

  • If i install win7 on other comp. will i have access to passwords? I have over 100 passwords!!!! Just to open sites, to enter user name and to try to remember a password to save it will takes me a days

    I feel duped about all of this...

  • I see new ver of Opera stable has implant all my password from file. I do not know how was this happen and how Opera pulled those passwords. In folder is new file for a new passwords which i added.

  • I just went thru this with trying to get the passwords from a computer that the mother board broke.

    Chrome pass worked for me on Opera

    go to the advanced options

    click the button " Load the passwords from another windows user or external drive"

    in the line below type K:\users\admin where admin is the name of the user account. Mine looked like

    BAM! all 89 of my passwords were recovered and exported in html format for easy access.
    Thanks every one for help on this!