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Make 'Go to Web Address' Feature Appear in a New Tab

  • When an end user highlights a URL, they are allowed to right click with their mouse and see an option called 'Go to web address' in the menu that appears. If an end user selects this 'Go to web address' option, the URL opens in the same tab as the one that the end user was just using.

    I think it would be better if this 'Go to web address' option opened the highlighted URL in a new tab instead of the same tab. So in summary, this is what would happen:

    1. An end user highlights a URL on a webpage. (e.g.
    2. The end user then right clicks on the webpage.
    3. A menu appears upon right clicking on the webpage, and the menu has an option called 'Go to web address'
    4. The end user clicks on this 'Go to web address' option.
    5. The highlighted URL opens in a new tab.
  • Which Version are you unsing?
    This is what allready happens!
    You can also choose to open in a new window, or in a new private window.
    If you middle (wheel) click the URL opens in a new tab in background.

  • Oh, I did not know this! I guess that means this suggestion has already been fulfilled!

  • The suggestion is still valid. "Go to web address opens the link in the same tab and not in a new one.

    The option to open a link in an ew tab only appears on real links, those you can click on.

  • glad I found someone already made this suggestion
    I was waiting forever for this to be included in opera, until today I decided that I cant just wait and tried to find a way to contact the developers for this

    anyway if the suggestion isn't clear, there should be another option beside "go to webpage" that open the link in a new tab when I right click in the highlighted link

    I know I can open any link in a new tab but only if it was clickable not highlighted

  • I exactly know what @huskyblue said. Just see this:

    • a. Highlight the URL string that cannot be clicked.
    • b. Right-click the highlight to show context menu where go to web address appears.
    • c. Hold Ctrl & click that menu item.

    Finally, a new tab window shows up next to the current tab.